Kim Kardashian's Trainer DEFENDS Her Met Gala Weight Loss

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Kim Kardashian’s trainer is firing back at the criticism surrounding her rapid weight loss for the Met Gala. Celebrity fitness guru Don-A-Matrix told TMZ this week that he thinks the concern over Kim’s sudden slimdown is overblown, explaining that she maintained a balanced diet while working out up to twice a day and wasn’t “starving herself.” Kim dropped 16 pounds in three weeks to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s iconic 1962 gown for fashion’s biggest night.

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Kim Kardashian’s Trainer DEFENDS Her Met Gala Weight Loss



GottizWay says:

I could have sworn she said she cut out bad foods and is eating healthy.I don't see why this affects ppl wit eating disorders?????Someone explain to me wat exactly Kim said thats so bad?I read an article and in her own words she says she cut out bad foods fried foods and is eating more healthy.If anything that's something we all should do.Seriously gunna promote eating unhealthy is horrible.We should be eating healthy period.

mica cam says:

All you need is prescription diet pills, a personal chef, and laser lipo, and a good exercise routine. No will power needed.

Cinthya says:

She looks amazing tho!

Sri Sri says:

It's kim choice to lose weight or gain few pounds. Whem holkywood big stars gottem 6 pack in one month for their movies none cared to object then why?

Nicholle Christine Edwards says:

KIM KARDASHSAIN had to go on this TMAO Diet so white men could stomach Mating with her.

This was my ex assistant. I had to Teach & Educate herself at 19-23 on how to properly wipe her backside & undercarriage also change her diet but nothing helped. It is a Blood Disease & a DNA mutation in black bloods. People would throw up around her. The KARDASHSAIN & JENNER Family also has this DNA MUTATION in their blood.

Everything is True as I stated when Educating women to their own bodies. #WOMENOFTHEUN #trimethylamine

Stella Carrier says:

I admit that the fact that Kim Kardashian shared that she ate mainly protein and veggies to shed 16 pounds in 3 weeks and received such an uproar was kind of surprising because it is common knowledge that there are a wide range of protein and veggies that contain a multitude of nutrients. Additionally, it is obvious that the excitement andor other type of positive emotions she is probably feeling with being in a relationship with Pete Davidson probably also indirectly contributed to her quick 3 week body transformation.

Night Reader says:

Yea right. If she cared about the dress, she NEVER worn the original.

Night Reader says:

After the Met, I am starving. Dummy!

Night Reader says:

That is one messed up trainer.


I have a lot of respect for everyone who embarks on a weight loss journey with all the trials and setbacks that come with it.
However, some celebrities should realize the impact they have on other people who try to copy their results.
It's never wise to lose so much weight in such short time notice.


She looks miles better than Lizzo

Duchess Romola says:

I roll my eyes.
I think all of you are being dramatic and overeating.

Scientifically, it is obvious she cannot, fit into Monroe's dress because their statistics is different, no matter how much weight Kim lost.

Besides, if truly you know about the dress, it's said to already be so delicate,it has holes in some places that's beyond repair and what not. So if she wore it, we would have seen all the deformities.

This is a little white lie that has got you all breathing steam for nothing.

Also, even if by some miracle (highly unlikely) if, which I strongly doubt! So what if Kim wore Monroe's dress, isn't it to honour the late actress. What did Kim do? Did she murder, rape, steal, abuse or commit an unimaginable crime?
Is Monroe a saint herself? Did she die a virgin? Or for a just cause? That no one, much LESS, THE Kardashians cannot wear her dress.

If you want to argue based on the delicacy of the dress, and it's rarity, I understand. But just because a fellow human wore it, you're being venomous, please stop.

I love both Kim and Monroe.

Mei Mei and Dong Dong ( Micro Teacup chihuahua ) says:

THe family with no shame ..

Stellar says:

I don't think people realize how dangerous it is. She's an influencer, people follow her, and she talks nonsense freely. I have an eating disorder, and I can tell you what she does is horrible. This person is awful. She should keep these things to themselves. She is dangerous

conishkee says:

I may not have agreed with everything concerning Kim on other levels, but whatever it took for her to get into that dress, because she was determined to do so, that was her right. Who are the masses to feel otherwise? Does it make a difference in their lives? OMG, Kim was not trying to compare with MM, but you have to admit, she looked fabulous in that dress. I was floored to read that someone made reference to the fact that Kim looked 80 years old! (You know who you are, and you were so foolishly wrong.) Realistically, what does that say…haters 101?? IMO, Kim gave complete homage to MM in wearing her dress with dignity and she wore it well for all that it was worth. Go Kim!

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