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What if social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok were actually honest about how destructive and terrible they are? Well, everybody at Cracked might not have been fired for one.


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Roger Horton: Jack Hunter
Social Media Intern: Darnell Eaton
Writer: Mark Hill
Director: Jordan Breeding
Director of Photography: Dave Brown
Editor: Jordan Breeding
Animation: Bryan Slack
Sound: Mike Schoen
Production Assistant: Eli Hall
Gaffer: Jake Pulliam

Shot at Bridge Studio in Richmond, Virginia

Mark’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/mehil
Mark’s Book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087SDX4L5
Jordan’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_J_Breeding
Jordan’s Writing Portfolio: https://thejordanbreedingblog.wordpress.com/2017/03/22/portfolio/
Dave’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deforestbrown/

00:00 – If Social Media Were Honest
05:48 – Darnell Needs To Clean Up

#Facebook #TikTok #socialmedia


Cracked says:

As always check our sources in the description, and shoot me your email here and I’ll send you some behind the scenes stuff we can’t publish on YouTube. https://forms.gle/A7JZTU5UR7fr7DxSA

Cordelia Wagner says:

I deleted my Mta accounts two months ago. No Facebook, no Insta. No daily insults, no daily arguments with narrow mindet toxic people. Yes, I lost a few people I really liked and shared a similar set of values. But these nice friendly interactions were just a small percentege of my daily dose of social media. Thanks to totally toxic group admins who bully everyone with a slightly different opinion out of the group to keep their bubble nice and clean and free from reasonable conversations. I don't feel sorry I didn't feed your Gottkomplex and your narcicisstic desire to be in control.
Yes, I did spend to much time on Facebook and Insta. And blocking me for having a neutral balanced opinion and my annoying asking for science backed sources made me realize: This is not good for my mental health…
I think of the Metaverse like an more evil thing like 1984 by Orwell.

Theycallmetomu says:

Oh right, this is the one we were shown a preliminary script reading to.

Mathiassss says:

lol, but yeah lol

0mega Zer0 says:

I do agree that relish sucks on a hotdog. It doesn't enhance any flavors, instead, it just overtakes them.

DeathAngel says:

anyone else actually agree about the relish thing?

Alexandel Sosa says:

Idk if saying something on YouTube comments and never interacting with them is social media but and Snapchat to communicate with iOS users better is all i have so hopefully my data isn't too scrambled and never joined the others so again not sure

Mari Posa says:

Being in an Arby's bathroom would unnerved anyone

Katrina Payne says:

Roger going straight for the jugular… yet again

Unperson says:

Oh my! This was biting, I like to get bit. Biting as it may be, I feel you walked a tightrope, you could have bitten deeper but you are wary and wise. Well written.
Roger, of course, is like fine wine, he ripens and gains new tastes with the passage of time, a thespian of fine vintage

Tait Washburn says:

Damn, they're calling Facebook OUT for that shit.

James James says:

4:00 they did the same thing with Covid.

Queen Queen says:

I love Roger ❤️

animn 7 says:

Another winner! Keep 'em coming!

Frank Grajeda says:

You know what you did. Have this like, you bastards

Sinn Sage says:

He’s done it again

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