Will rising interest rates around the world tip the global economy into recession? | 7.30

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The global economy is on a knife’s edge. Talk of recession is everywhere. But will raising interest rates – the traditional medicine for fighting inflation – instead harm the global economy we all share? This special report from ABC business editor Ian Verrender.

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JLM says:

Yes. Buckle down on debt. Sell your house if you can’t afford $500 extra a month payments at renewal time. “You will own nothing and be happy” Klaus Schwab.

c10 says:

Why would I care after being stood down on leave without pay for 18 months due to covid border closures crippling my industry, this is a welcome change from zero income bring on 10% interest rates!

nn d says:

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Jason says:

Rising Interest rate should be managed carefully , not drastically rise interest rate afterall there must be a balance between livelihood and managing rising inflation. Rise interest rate is human made/manipulated therefore no reason to rise it too fast

Jays22b says:

most people don't even know who the RBA member's are. lol, there's a real question, guy in purple glasses is silly smart ass. Tell the truth. Repo swaps went silly again!!!!!

Adam Wolf says:

Bounce back??… really….. in your dream…..

Glen Bolderson says:


Stephanie Nguyen says:

Recession: will hit Australia, London, Europe (Netherland, Switzerland, Denmark, etc), Canada, USA and Asian. Even Asian home prices still cheaper than Canada or Australia or London.

AA AA says:

Cant they get an honest person to say what is goung on

AA AA says:

Wait until next year when petrol shortages start happeninh and people cant work

AA AA says:

This is what happens when the government gets foreign investors to invest pushing house prices to the sky

María Cristina Fernández says:

The philosophy of the rich and the poor is the rich invest their money and spend what's left while the poor spend their money and invest what's left

kingdomfor1 says:

As I keep saying , in who's pockets is all the extra money I pay for goods going. I went shopping at a major supermarket recently, the price of a simple sponge roll was $8.99, before the pandemic they were $4, that's a 100% increase. This is not inflation, this is price gouging by multinationals.

Samuel Jackson says:

'I have looked at millions of surveys' just the sort of precision we have come to expect from Economics Professors.

ThunderBird says:

I resent subsidizing overleveraged fools and greedy speculators. The little savings is slowly being stolen from me through inflation. The fact Interest rates are lower than inflation is criminal .

GNF U future says:

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