Vintage in Pills SCHERRER Spring 2003 – Fashion Channel

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Vintage in Pills SCHERRER Spring 2003 – Fashion Channel

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Jean-Louis Scherrer, who aspired to be a professional dancer, was injured and had to rethink his plans.

After becoming a stylist, he worked for Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and Louis Féraud.

He chooses to launch his own couture house in 1962 at 182 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré. I

In a wine cellar, he displays his debut collection (fawn, polka dot, or flowery party dresses).

Ten years later, he relocates to 51 Avenue Montaigne and experiments with ready-to-wear creations.

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big bob 169 says:

They put the least amount of cloths on the perkiest woman. What is not to like?

Darrin Brunner says:

IDGAF I love skinny girls.

Антон Антонов says:

Покормите их что ли. Задолбали эти анорексички .

David says:

A simple question, why can’t models walk properly, they always look so awkward????

Алексей Бумагин says:

Швабры !

penny penny says:

1:10 , 1:57 let me know when I can breathe again…. , 2:47

Александр Non says:

похоже стойкое ощущение того, что в прошлом было гораздо лучше, уже ничем не перебить

Alida Chndt says:

La classe ed unicità in cinese ♌

pete nicholson says:

Loved the comic book look basques

梅本清志 says:


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