Gifting a 9 Year Old MAX Battle Pass!

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Surprising a 9 Year Old With MAX Battle Pass!
In this video of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 I give a 9 YEAR old the MAX BATTLE PASS in FORTNITE inspired by @TG Plays & @Tomato – Fortnite done in Fortnite Battle Royale.




Brantley Medley says:

I am subscribed my name is Brantley and I have a lot of skin but I really don't have a enough money to have any skins so I'm subscribed bye hit the notifications and I click the Bell so I wish I had free skins thank you

Gloria Borrego says:

That's an easy question to answer his dad's app employee so why can't we just get skins from his dad cuz he's an employee

xxxfortnite says:

Please I need the battle pass by I'm stuck with a stupid default

Poke man says:


Emaline Coffman says:

Because I want my favorite skin and I can’t get it

Cari Marin says:

Why I want v-bucks is to like plays like fortnite and I get some new skins

Rhome Payne says:

I need the 13,500 because when I try to bug vbucks it does not work so I get frustrated

Stephannie Devine says:

I deserve the Vbox because I don’t have many skins

sonic Exe 123 says:

because I watch all your videos

Volts1 33 says:

Because I only have two skins Tinny_hart3

Allen Burchell says:

This kid is the worst person ever stealing a kids account why

Aidan Berry says:

I dont have the. Batllepass

Landon Mickey says:

Man I have only three skins and I have no Vbox

Amanda MCcarley says:

because I never had dark vader

Denniz Andino says:

Oh my mom around that much money for $3, 500 v-bucks and my username is super Zyon no space no numbers

Kristy Corn says:

I could use 13500 vbucks so I can gift my friends

Josh Brocklehurst says:

I'm a defulte

Serena Rose says:

I need vbuxl my fortnight name is Itzlegind3784

Melissa Davidson says:

Yo i wotit so bad

VideoMiiixxx says:

Jameson agua viva rock n roll brazo

Spider butt says:

I realy wanted the naruto and kakashi

T4_ twitch says:

Because I am not very good at playing and I’m a defaultAnd if you wanna know my account then my account is freeborn

Axton Canes says:

My brother is the best Fortnite player

Axton Canes says:

Please get us the battle pass

Azadeh Kiasati says:

I need the v box because I am noob at fortnight

Shyquan Royal says:

No thank you and I need a math spellpass

I'm Trizii says:

Physics what's your fn settings

Planet Mario says:

Bruh he was Toxic

Jason Jp says:

My username is jazn20

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