Multiresistant Germs are taking over ! VTA offers solutions.

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A man falls into a river and almost drowns – at the hospital, the doctors find that there are multi-resistant pathogens in his lungs.
The man dies shortly afterwards. The exact cause of death remains unclear. The health department then examines the river water and discovers “dangerous resistant germs”.

A hazard that is often underestimated – in 2019, highly resistant germs were also found in the wastewater in the city of Basel in Switzerland, and antibiotic resistance is also on the rise in Lake Geneva.
They can also be detected in our own rivers – even after water has passed through the treatment plant, as confirmed by Marco Hörmeyer on NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk).

Quote – Marco Hörmeyer… (Osnabrück municipal utility provider)

[Source: : NDR Youtube: (Minute 03:20)]

Yes, this clearly shows that antibiotic resistance of this kind cannot be filtered out 100% effectively by wastewater treatment plants.

Multi-resistant germs, a ticking time bomb? According to the latest studies, around 10% of people in Europe already carry these germs.

Help for personnel and treatment plants… is on the way from Austria – with VTA Hydroprompt Forte, you can remove up to a further 99% of germs in the discharge from the ecosystem. And that’s without any structural measures…
In the Bavarian town of Gersthofen, for example, the focus is on safety for the municipality and its treatment plant workers.

Quote – Gersthofen municipal planning and building department with quote (effect is in the resource itself)

I can tell you that such a simple technical measure helps everyone! The know-how is in the resource itself. For us at the planning and building department, it’s hugely important to be able to achieve changes like this without structural measures. We are after all responsible for the quality of the wastewater – and if we can do that without any construction work, we are of course on board!

Safety and sustainability – the hallmarks of VTA

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