Georgians Hold Mass Rally For EU Membership

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Tens of thousands rallied in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, on July 3 to urge reforms that would bring the Caucasian country closer to joining the European Union. An EU summit told Georgia in June that it had to improve its media freedom, judiciary, and electoral system to become an EU candidate.
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Bertrecht91 says:

No thanks you!

Thamor says:

Hopefully this will be possible.

M L says:

Welcome from Portugal

SnoopyDoo says:

Georgians have allowed a lot of Russians to take up residence in their country – Russians who weren't fleeing because of risk of protest in Russia but because they want a better life. Why should the EU allow a country like Georgia in when it supports the enemies of the EU? Get real.

Jan Es says:

Russia is failing in every single aspect, it has nothing to offer and is threatening all around, thats why more and more countries are trying to join EU and NATO!

meocats says:

Unity and peace for all, hopefully the war end soon

le roy anthony says:

They just want some money, for example, the EU gives about 10 billions euros a year to Poland.
But who gives that money ? Mostly France and Germany who gives more than 10 billions euros a year each.
Maybe Germany gets some little benefits in exchange, but France is just getting destroyed in literally every way possible.

Elena says:

Stay strong Georgia . Stay strong Ukraine
All of you are born to be free, not slaves , not imposed what to think and believe

Mill hill jim Jimmy says:

If they do join their country's will migrate to the eu just like Poland and Romania did you have been warned open boarders don't work

Mill hill jim Jimmy says:

They won't give they will only take from the eu they hope but the eu would be stupid to let them in like Greece

purocontornosetubal setubal says:

What's next? Iraq wants to join EU?

Christine meleg says:

May they succeed!

Wildgefluegel says:

as a german not convinced yet, because only bad experience with georgians in berlin. 
But once georgia would be in EU a nice lawsuit could solve my problems..

Truth Be Told says:

This is clear a message to Putin.

Skunk Baxter says:

That's never going to happen. I wouldn't consider Georgia as an European country it's further East than Turkey and Turkey isn't as well a European country.

Charlie Chan says:


Adi Osa says:

Award goes to putin and and russian chauvinism for best sellers.of NATO membership

Love of Animals inc. Visalia CA says:

Georgia is another country that has been bullies for years by the Putin regime. For years Russia has been moving the border between Russia and Georgia, by doing so taking more and more land from Georgia.

Char Harn says:

If Georgia and Ukraine where able to join forces and push Russia back past Stalingrad Russia would not be so embolden to try to steal land from other countries then again it could cause continual fighting in the are for a long time like Israel and Palestine I know it's no longer Stalingrad it's just easier to say.

Augusto Pinochet says:

Watch out! Russian tanks will soon be rolling towards you!

Howard Kim says:

Amazing! Russia is pushing every near it country more and more towards the EU and NATO.

HunterShows says:

Barely Europe.

Elke Kuehl says:

Yes go.go.go Georgia where with you

Dr-Respect says:

So not one of those people have to use the restroom? That in itself is amazing

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