Retired agent who gave Ford polygraph test shares insight

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Dr. Christine Ford’s legal team gave the results of a polygraph test to the Senate Judiciary Committee; the retired FBI agent who administered the test discusses the process on ‘Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream.’


Charlie B says:

Guy is a paid shill

Charlie B says:

Polygraph test with only 2 questions lol

Miss Molly says:

Wow SHES guilty as hell!!!!!! She should be in prison for what she’s done!!!!!!!!!! Shame!!!!! A sin!!!!!!

MM 126 says:

Polygraph tests are only so dudes like this can charge 2k an hour to administer them

Jack Smith says:

Didn’t she say the testing lasted much more than two hours?

Paul Borst says:

2018 – 1982 = 36 YEARS of Ford saying NOTHING until Kavanaugh was up for the SC.

Robert Blakeman says:

He's a phony!

brian saunders says:

That was not worthy of an interview.

Ken Albertson says:

Lawyers do not pay big money to "Experts" to damage their case. The expert knows in advance what the lawyers want and the expert delivers. There is no other scenario.

AttilatheThrilla says:

She may as well should’ve accused Bill Clinton… It would be more believable

Michael N says:

Two questions lol. Christine you almost pulled off the scam of the century.

rob cochran says:

Crystal Magnum took the same test from this guy to prove the Duke Lacrosse team was guilty

Billie Bleach says:

I’ve heard only one woman using the term “pile” in a sexual setting.
And that was a “crafts woman” partaking in an orgy of a rather intriguing nature.
No ill intend here, just a little thought that crossed my weary mind…and than passed by again, this time staring me in the face.

Mohammad was illiterate says:

Her own "witnesses" denied her story, hahahaha! LIAR.

eogg25 says:

I had three polygraph tests, one when I applied for a job and two more working at job. the first test was done by an off duty police detective, he just asked me certain questions name age and then questions pertain to the form I filled out, just yes and no answers, the second and third were from a well known professional, he did it different, he gave you a list of the questions I would be asked, gives you time to read them and think about the questions, hoping it will work on your mind, he asked me my name age and some other questions to see what it looked like when I was truthful, then he asked the questions on the list. The test was to see if I was stealing money. he told me the more he tests me the easier he can tell if I am lying but just one test you might be able to lie if you are not the type of person that has a guilty conscience.

Fur-Ball TV says:

Remember folks… There's better choices. Don't waste time with baggage. He's a judge, not a Wal-Mart greeter.

P Mur says:

No way two questions cant even compare responses without control questions.

P Mur says:

When a normal polygraph is given it is usually 10 to 20 questions minimum. The reason is to establish a pattern and establish a range for questions that can be compared to questionable responses.

Andre Noble says:

Blasey Ford Looks like a snake.

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