Putin Is Turning Russia ‘Into A Terrorist State That Takes Hostages’: Stavridis

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Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Admiral James Stavridis joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss Russia’s illegal detention of Brittney Griner, Paul Whelan, and Mark Fogel, and what the Biden Administration needs to do to get them out. “We’re seeing Putin essentially turn Russia into a terrorist state that takes hostages,” says Stavridis. “This has everybody’s attention, as well it should.” He adds, “I think the administration will look at all the options. They’ll try and engage. They’ll try and put pressure on Putin and his regime.”

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Donn says:

Terrorist USA killed millions of innocents in the middle east

Carter Reid says:

Here's a crazy idea…Americans, DONT VISIT RUSSIA….EVER.

Pat Le Cat says:

Putin has been doing this for decades but intensified in the past 8 years.

oldkayakdude says:

He forgot to add "with nuclear weapons". Might be best to get China and India to agree putin has gone crazy and risks global nuclear war.

G G says:

this has not changed….how is this news?

Un vaccinated Anticommunist says:

Democrats are doing everything they can to make sure the American people can't choose Trump in 2024.

Danny Mckechnie says:

Use your treason powers before trump wins again

WaveyGravey says:

Answer honestly, Would you prefer a free ticket to a WNBA game OR $1?

Kat Lopez says:

Russia was Build on Terror. They like the Blood taste. Russia is Responsible for wiping out almost the whole white Race. This senseless wars should've been stopped long time ago. Putin has become a Propagandist, selling Lies, like talk radio

Halcon1097 says:

I feel really bad for her. But I am not sure about the part where they want a convicted arms dealer in exchange for a Basketball player.

Maddy Muffley says:

The economic hardship , recession , unemployment and the loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures ….

daughter of a slaughter sun of a gun says:

major hub and generous supporter for neo-fascism worldwide = Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Pilot Paulie says:

Remember ten minutes ago when Romney was laughed at for saying Russia was our biggest foe….

Champ Jones says:

I understand their position in relations to Britney whom I love myself however we are the united States of America supposedly the strongest country in the world there's absolutely no way I would capitulate to Russia putin's or any other country at such a cost .. my heart goes out to brit & her family without question and she's certainly caught in the middle of some BS with her own actions so once this is enacted where do we go from here whats next how steep is the ask next time etc etc.. absolutely Biden or whomever in office should agree to such terms it'll only be the beginning of the end .

Grant Johnston says:

Russia has been a terrorist state for at least 20 years now.
Remove you cranium from your rectum please.

Bw Bacon says:

And his buddy, the former guy, is turning America into a domestic terrorist state.
They must be pleased with the results of their undocumented meeting.

Patrick Cunniff says:

When has Russia not been a terrorist state? I studied Russian history extensively and for the last 160 years they've used terror carte blanche. They have been like an octopus crawling from under rocks ensnaring the weak and blind. Their days are numbered.

Old Dude says:

He doing what Republicans are planning on doing here in America of course we are already terrorists country

Linda A Phillippi says:

Love Andrea; she’s awesome

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