China Struggles to Contain Frustration From Shanghai Covid Lockdown | WSJ

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Despite censorship, videos shared online show growing desperation and anger at prolonged Covid-19 lockdowns in China’s economic capital of Shanghai, where officials are trying to solve issues including food shortages while doubling down on the country’s strict pandemic policy. Photo Composite: Emily Siu

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Imran Ghi says:

Nothing to do with covid its about control an will soon be the new north korea leave the country while u can

hard worker says:

If i was a Chinese i would fight police and don't obey their evil agenda, covid is bs anyway is all about depopulation /dictatorship

benjamin taine says:

As much as you would love to criticize the Chinese authorities you cannot hide the fact that due to their covid policies there are only about 5k death in China compared to over one million in USA. What is a bit temporary discomfort to prevent mass death.

台巴子村呆蛙郎 says:

Isn't China the enemy, if the zero policy is harmful, the China policy should be supported

shear singh says:

The "zero covid strategy" means total control and subjugation of people

Pam Pam says:

There are more than 1500 species food additives in china market, maybe it’s the reason of covid ,don’t worry, china is dying

Blue says:

the government is lying to the people about Covid this is not about Covid this is about control Fight for your freedom that’s the only way out

Blue says:

Fight for your freedom that’s the only way out

Fidel!ty says:

i see why we can't have the united nations. When you you have a one world government, this crime against humanity will happen on a global scale.

Sales K says:

Residue & contact ensues, as well as,occurs with and on the suits. These suits spread the virus. These suits contact instruments which will be disinfected 99.99%, of the way through.
The remaining 0.01% are the amount of your cases which doubles with each contact.

God Bless and stay safe!

Cassou Gharbi says:

No supplies no way to go out no informations ! This is the chines démocratie

Cassou Gharbi says:

And sending to camp ! Big brother is there now

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