Lung Cancer – Overview

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Joseph Francis says:

Thanks Dr, for the herbal remedy. I was tested negative for genital warts for the last four months so I decided to recommend Dr Oluta on YouTube a great specialist with wonderful experience.

S Starklite says:

This is what we should begin teaching children from age 5, so if their parents or anyone smokes, they can tell them to stop or never stop, and hopefully it will stop most/all of them to never smoke. We should change the whole entire education system because it’s antiquated, and is is very hard to change worldwide, but nothing is impossible!

Salman Khan says:

Being recommended to DOCTOR OKUNABA on YouTube was a blessing after years of suffering I have finally been cured from cancer thanks doc you are indeed a Blessing to this generation

Ojuikpong Joy says:

I so much respect the trust worthy Dr omoh on YouTube lay as legacy, indeed is a good one. Thank you doctor for curing my ailments called HERPES virus

Mahina Radi says:

HPV is one terrible and embarrassing virus, I was actually having that disease till I met Dr Ben Uda, seriously I didn't believe he would be able to cure me from the virus cause it was already serious. To my greatest surprise I took the herbal medicine he gave me as prescribed for quite sometime and the sore was all getting dried up and healing so I went to get myself tested of HPV, behold I was finally healed and free from HPV and all thanks to Dr Ben Uda on YouTube I suggest if you still have the virus just contact him on his channel.

I Con. says:

This was an excellent, excellent explanation….thank you!!!!!

Mo says:

Why do people cough up blood when they develop lung cancer. What is the mechanism behind the bleeding?

antonio james says:

I highly recommend Dr. Osaka on YouTube channel, who helped me in getting rid of my Gerd an my wife from Colorectal cancer, It was Amazing seeing the both of us free from the deadly diseases with the help of Dr. Osaka natural herbal remedy, I'm forever grateful Doctor..

Sharon Drake says:

Reach out to #Druromi on YouTube, his herbs works properly well, him get rid of my Cancer permanently

arm strong says:

I want you all to read what happen to my brother so you take note of what is the new norm that they are talking about .
No more visits to see your Doctor like face to face and also you are doomed if you are not juicefide i.e. got the jab
so my brother calling his doctor telling him that he is having abdominal pain
the doctor tells him "over the phone" Oh you got the stomach flue
make soup, take Tylenols and you will be fine in 2 days
still in pain
called him back and the doctor said it looks like you have omicron covid and it is effecting your stomach
2 more days pass by and on the scale of 1 to 10 the pain is 14
my brother went to Oakville hospital here in Ontario Canada so they did a ct. scan and it came stage4 pancreatic cancer that spared to lungs liver and kidneys .
can't operate
can't have chemo he is very weak now
this is what brought me here to see this video
since 2020 and most of the doctors conduct their business over the phone
some how he did slip through the system unnoticed that was his fate
has less than 6 months to live

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