8 Things you should consider before pursuing Marine Biology // Life as an Academic

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An honest conversation about the challenges that come along with PhD careers in academia and becoming an academic marine biologist.

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This video is based on my experiences & conversations with professors, researchers, and professionals in the academic world, along with my own personal research. So take this with a grain of salt! Because this is merely my perspective on what I have gathered about the challenges associated with an academic career in marine biology. I definitely encourage you to learn from other perspectives than mine.

With that being said, in this video I go over challenges in academia, phd challenges, academic career planning, and the things you should consider before pursuing academia and a PhD (based on my experience).

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0:00 Intro
0:41 School
1:39 Competition
2:51 Family
4:53 Over-qualification
6:44 Work-Life Balance
10:00 Funding
11:43 “Publish or Perish”
13:51 The Bright Side


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Zactic Modrico says:

Im high school graduate in kenya my interest is to follow a course in marine technology. plz guide me which course is best should i pick.thanks

Adriana grande says:

love this. I am thinking of going into marine biology but I didn’t know what the jobs would consist of before this video.

Isaac Anderson says:

Thanks for the video

Steph Eason says:

I'm 14…Getting prepared :))))

Lawrence Deligero says:

In the Philippines, I think it's a bit different. While there aren't necessarily "more" positions, there are only so few PhDs. In fact, state universities have programs to encourage their faculty to pursue further studies.

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