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ohhh boy! if u were just in my shoes, you would sabotage everything haha!!
the thing is that here in ME countries, our usual clients are expecting us to be as fast as a Cheetah when it comes to designing their projects, and your 15 Min logo challenge is my normal day at work (if only I could get a job within my field though!).

anyway, nice try of you, and I'm looking forward for your upcoming videos 🙂


I love this Video! Its very unique! Just wondering what laptop/computer do you use like the specs?

gothfairy says:

i love this but the background music is so hectic haha try calm music next time ❤️

Rekamies says:

ok… this is CRAZY! what the hell.

Brittney Hope says:

Wowwwwww Abi!! You’re incredible

Nikhil Gill says:

Do you edit your own videos ?

Océane Baer says:

« If I create a logo in 15minutes now, it’s because I studied, I search, make a benchmark, moodboard for a long time, a few years before. »

Zakaria Benhanna says:

You created in 15 minutes what takes me 15 days to make

Design and Vibes says:

Am I the only one here who rewatch Abi's videos?

Ahzrin's Artwork! says:

making a logo w variations in real-time while teaching under 15 min, that's beyond human skill 🙂

Joe Omeiza says:

love the result

Pratish Lamichhane says:

that's really impressive

Biplob Majumdar says:

Amazing!!! Love your work…. Thank you so much

Jhoanna Méndez Gutiérrez says:

OMG! You're FUCKING AMAZING! Seriously, thank you for beeing an inspiration! You nailed it!!!!!! I need to practice with the pencil tool! You blow my mind! Thanks for sharing your work!!

victorio marasigan says:

okay you literally had two of the same font and said you liked one and didn't like the other

Janne Wolterbeek says:

You did amazingly well. Not sure if I can do it this fast, but I should try!

Samuel Moenaert says:

at 1:41 the top 2 fonts are the same
she was like: 'this one i dont like'
and then said:'this one i like'
they are both the same! XD

Cookin' & Grillin' with the Johnsons says:

Great video.

puhhhtential says:

I was seeing the hands of a watch in the "M" thought that's where you were going. Love these results though!

Bananafanofuno Carrie says:

Hey! how are you Abi. Great to see your videos again. So inspiring!

Miscott says:

Hi Abi, it was so funny haha! I started with videos about graphic design in my youtube channel, thanks for the inspiration✨

Tryzkee Graphics says:

Hi, Abi. Triumph here!!! Love your work. Keep it up!

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