Apps are dead… what's the next big thing?

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Ex-Google TechLead figures out the next big thing after apps. 🎬🌟 NEW! Learn how I built a $1,000,000+ business on YouTube here I help with mentorship & coaching for your online business here.

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Considering that 97% of time-spent is in the top ten apps, the destination app/website has become too competitive. When you try to build your own app/website, you are competing for the last 3% of attention… Rather, the largest opportunities are on-platform, creating services that complement rather than compete with social media & messaging.

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Jimmy Nguyen says:

Hey Mr. Tech Lead, what if I told you I have a really good app idea that's a game changer. I don't have $100k to build it but if you're interested we can talk.

RKD says:

The next big thing after Apps is Referral & Influencer Marketing.

Robert Jennings says:

Elocution would be a great investment for you. Tax deductible, too.

qurkat imilaz says:

I am a software programmer, I use the mobile phone to answer calls and use the digital bus ticket.
Why do people think they have to be online on social media like Facebook and twitter more than once a week? says:

OSAAP = open source as a platform

Benito Calderon says:

would love to collaboration, this is precisely what I'm calling forward been working on bridging distribution

personality cat says:

everytime you raise your eyebrows you just made 50,000 dollars!

Roger Lee says:

he's still using apple products.

Simon says says:

I see what you did here… you want everyone to share their ideas in comments, so you could use them to build an ultimate program!

Jeff Chapman says:

Thoughts on SAITO's position and future in Web3.0? "Low-rise/no-code". Thank you! I'm wanting to collaborate with you on a project. Reach out. Try and find my three comments/replies to you in your YouTube videos. I'll bet you know how to do that. (I don't; there out there though)

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