It's almost magical! Easily lose 40lbs with Intermittent Fasting! (Here's my proof!)

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The timeline and overview of how I lost 40lbs with Intermittent Fasting. By simply not eating most of the day, I was able to lose 30 lbs, then I made a short term sacrifice of KETO for 4 weeks to lose the last 10 lbs. Not only did I easily lose within 5 months, but the weight has stayed off! I’ve maintained or lost more for over a year, which is really incredible and something I’ve never done before!

Affiliate link to the book that got me started: Fast Feast Repeat Gin Stephens

Don’t forget to look through previous videos to get details on my weight loss journey! I want you to see that it’s possible to enjoy foods while also pursuing health!

Want more resources? Here are books and resources I’ve enjoyed on this journey (affiliate links through amazon may provide a slight income if you choose to purchase):
Try the books below with a Premium Audible trial:
Delay Dont Deny Gin Stephens
The Fast Diet: Dr. Michael Mosley
The Fasting Lane Dr. Jason Fung


Time to Make the Calligraphy says:

This is encouraging. Thank you!

Angelica Salgado says:

Thank you for sharing this with us

Betcali Garcia says:

I haven’t lost any weight perhaps 2 pounds … but I fluctuate like you do 2 to 4 pounds daily ( so annoying ) my eating window starts after 4 and ends around 8 pm with a fat bomb ! I eat carbs but only a small sweat potato with my salad. I make everything in the air fryer and started to cut out dairy only some goat cheese. Let me tell you I feel great! in the morning I just have hot water with lemon or apple cider vinegar or a tea. I drink lots and lots of water until 4 when I have my first and only meal.

Carisa's Corner says:

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ i love eating one meal a day!

Rogers Morgan says:

Excellent job!! How many calories would you say your one meal contains a day?

Pamela Sue says:

Thank you ❤️

A A says:

Well, if one doesnt eat , loosing weight is expected I guess

natasa zuvela says:

10 week on Keto,lost 5 kg…now IF OMAD for 10 days and nooothing,I am so sad

K J says:

You looked much younger when you were over weight.

brewcityyellowgirl says:

Thank you for being so transparent and very informative!

Dumitru Grubii says:

Thanks for sharing your journey! As someone that has felt ashamed of his body for the most of his life, I've found your videos very motivational. Thanks!

Rob Chesley says:

I found healthy foods to be delicious once I began intermittent fasting.. especially on omad. normally I'd pick at the salad an waste most of it. fasting changed that a TON. Not sure why, but I look forward to my diet now than I did about anything sweet before.. idk. so many thing seem to fall in your favor when you make this change.

Eristaire Crowley says:

You look older

Sandra Satterfield says:

You look great!! Love your outlook on eating healthy to lose weight! A lifestyle change.

marsha k says:

I can do 800 calories fir 3 day but no keto for me

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