If you Are a Technoblade Fan, Watch This…

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If you Are a Technoblade Fan, watch This…

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Braso says:

hopefully this brightened ur day a bit! this guy had the best personality. Rest easy king. DISCLAIMER: EVERY PENNY MADE FROM THIS VIDEO WILL BE DONATED TO TECHNOBLADE'S CHARITY. I WILL MAKE A SEPERATE VIDEO DONATING ALL THE FUNDS.

ALSO: this discord conversation happened in 2019.

lacrossestick132 says:

When I saw the video pop up in my notifs, I genuinely thought it was clickbait and Techno was just pulling some kind of extreme joke on us. I still want to believe that tomorrow, I’ll wake up to a Technoblade video and hear his voice say something like “just kidding, nerds! I don’t die!” Even if I know it won’t happen.

Wolfeyyy says:

the convo took place in 2019, but the way he predicted that it would ruin everyones week was legendary

Maalti Sharma says:

So a video game player died of cancer. What a tragic loss to the world. My condolences to the family.

Anthony says:

Yeah this helped. I'm definitely feeling better now.

cup the based menace says:

Bro stop milking this

『jayxline』 says:

Months… REST IN PEACE TECHNOBLADE… we love you fuck cancer and good night

B.I.G. Milo says:

Stop milking

Xavierts Ravenfurr says:

serve us right for surviving
good one techno

Clover says:

Techno is amazing

Cerem0nia1 says:

Dude this deserves a sub thank you for this it brightened up my day

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