Faces of Pain – Meet Those Suffering with Chronic Pain

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The under-treatment of pain – which affects 100 million Americans – has been a focus of the Center’s work since its founding in 1984. This year’s Annual Dinner theme, HEALING WHAT HURTS: THE POLITICS OF PAIN, focused on the urgent need to “transform the way pain is perceived, judged and treated.”



Pete Richard says:

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Joanna H says:

Pain robs you of your life. Even after surgery, I've found no relief. Each day holds the same feelings of hopelessness. I've tried physical therapy, massages, several types of shots, medications, and various other things. I now just wait for each to be over. Nobody should have to live this way!

o d says:

I hv pain everyday in my teeth cnt pull out also cux im young i cnt evn eat properly

erik bjornson says:

absolutely horrible , and a doctor did this to me , i have suicidal headaches as well … stephen rizzolo is a orthopedic who put titanium in my neck what a terribel choice to agree to a surgery he lied on my medical records and completely got away with it … i'm only here because of my two boys i can't leave them it would destroy their lives ….

Lury Charles-Pierre says:

I’m glad you’re showing this because I suffer from chronic pain it is ridiculous that is so bad that I just wanna cry some time amatory nine-year-old male

Robert Tapp says:

I’ve had chronic pain for 38 years, my entire adult life.

Stacy Levay says:

I don't deal with it on a regular basis but I get months of flare ups at least once every couple years and its debilitating. Dealing with it right now. Nobody can understand unless they have been through it. STAY STRONG MY FELLOW WARRIORS ❤

irene HANSEN says:

Are you kidding me? This is why the CDC 2016 guidelines were forced on all of us. The creator of this video is a MAD SCIENTIST!!! 100 million people are now being used as torture subjects so you can get a breakthrough treatment and an AWARD!!! Nothing Nothing can replace opiates for pain. MASSAGE AND CHIRO. LMAO!!! Chronic INTRACTABLE PAIN CANNOT BE TREATED WITH ALTERNATIVE METHODS PAST THE POINT OF YEARS OF FIRST LINE TREATMENT.

myexes callme tictac says:

I'm with you all. 2 a.d.r. c5,c6. Narrowing c7 to t1, t5 bulging disc with stenosis? I guess… lower back issues I haven't even had imaging done yet to know. Rotary cuff tear, glenoid labrum tear left side. Scapula winging. I can't sit, stand or lay without feeling it, and the sad part, some of you, or even more depressing most of you have it way worse. I've just seen the PM for the last time. I don't need anti depressants, I need relief. I've been denied disability and I've decided my only way to alleviate the struggle and burden for my friends and family is to end it. I just hope God forgives me. God speed everyone

Clare Morgan says:

thank you sooooo much you speak my story , love to you all

Vicki Carnes says:

Oh God, video hasn't even started and I see their pain and I so understand. I can't tolerate my life as Ive lost my life years ago!! It so sucks!!

Bethanie Erickson says:

Chronic pain = poor to no sleep = anxiety = more pain, less sleep and more anxiety and fear. When you have lost ALL hope and your pain sadly won’t kill you, you become suicidal. Your(my) world becomes smaller and smaller. with loss of all hope


I have no quality of life in my late 30s. Neck and back stenosis and ddd. Broke over 40 bones and have had 5 knee surgeries and c4 to c7 fusion. I can't walk or even talk with people, the pain over takes everything I try to do. If I do anything like work or cut the grass, I just pass out and about the only time I sleep. I refuse pain pills due to my ibs and keep going for my son but everyday is a prism of hell to me.

Thomas Duff says:

The toughest thing with people with Chronic Pain is that everyone is different . People's tolerance to pain is different . Some people are in pain in several places like me . So you can't discuss it on a General basis or treat it on a General basis . Until these screwed up doctors get that they will never treat it . They don't want to treat or deal with someone with Chronic Pain . When you don't cover pain You Inflict it on that person . I believe we are heading back to something that's going to be worse than Nazi Germany . Therefore The Insurance Companies Pharmaceutical Company's and hospitals Doctors ect. Its all about inflicting pain now don't get operated on now because you're pain won't be covered . They are even putting people down in the hospitals now . It's Called Pure Evil period .

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