Chronic Pain Sufferers Say They’re Being Harmed By Opioid Crackdown | NBC Nightly News

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As the U.S. seeks to curb the deadly opioid epidemic across the country, many of the estimated 50 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain say they can’t get the medications they desperately need to ease their suffering.
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Chronic Pain Sufferers Say They’re Being Harmed By Opioid Crackdown | NBC Nightly News


Wolfwolveswolf says:

Legalized inhumane torture-tormenting of Severe Chronic Pain Illness people, by the new communist-Nazi-Luciferian North America Rule.
I know for more than a firsthand fact they negatively LIE about Opiate/Opioid Medicine- again, because of our U.S. Government that has been infiltrated by literal communist-Nazi-Luciferians (what they act like, as Hitler and Stalin started off at a certain point of evil too, getting much worse- put lightly).
For me there is no such thing as a united states, a big con yes, a united states NO. NOT at all. Unless I should care to lie about North America rule, and what it does to thousands of other Severe Chronic Pain Illness people, and my self too. This North America Land is ruled by literal EVIL, prove me wrong, I would be Thankful for that- but NOT holding my breath. been another 7+ years out the window, most of the past 41+ years since I was 18 years old. When some strangers illegal actions ended things. Where I then began the long road to see who actually rule down upon us from depth below.

00 buck says:

Alcohol will make you feel better than any drug and you don't need to pay a doctor to buy it. Alcohol is the most dangerous of all but very easy to get and much cheaper. how stupid can the world get?

Terry Weaver says:

The problem is the insanity of Doctors that readily cave in to governmental "studies" and "statistics" from those who actually have no idea what it is like. To further this: why is it that to control the substance abuses of drug addicts the Chronic Pain Sufferer becomes the focus for attacks? It is actuallu fairly easy to distinguish between severe pain sufferers with "known" problems and separate them into a classification that should not be infringed upon. This leaves those with indistinguishable problems that do not show up on tests to be challenged… I realize it would make it harder on those folk, but no harder than it already is. This would help those with known and testable conditions to receive proper treatment. Then. if one wants the focus can be put on the unknowns and the actual drug addicts. The drug addicts need stronger scrutiny and punishments to detour their actions.

Revolution Underground says:


lizardywizard says:

This is the truth in the UK too. This piece is spot on.

the hunter of death says:

That why people turn into street drugs since this happen to chronic pain patient now the drug dealer are salem them in the street n for cheap that what I see people doing n crying cuz they can't have a pain management doctor to treat them after so many years on it n they have a condition that prove it that is crazy that the dea let the drugs dealer make that money instead of the government make money n what happen they blame the prescription opioid n it was the street opioid that was killing those white kids n young people now everyone got cut off no matter what they sale those drugs on the street n they making the drug dealer Richer so sad how this country don't care about they people so why we got pain management) doctor for now we don't need them if they can't help the patient with they medication how they going back to work is the government fault some people could go back to work as long they had no pain but some people can't cuz they disable cuz of other illness they have so sad the world we live

The Gray State truth says:

And more lives have been destroyed by suicide from chronic pain sufferers who can’t deal with it anymore.

martin collinson says:

It's absolutely terrible situation to be in!
I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for over 30 years I also have Nemours operations my first operation was successful however I had a R.T.A and it put me in a horrible pain and agony my G.P has no sympathy at all I wanted to try Fentanyl if it was able to manage my back pain she refused to do so I asked her is it was that she couldn't or wouldn't she said PICK ONE!! needles to say I was very upset and shocked I have been seriously thinking of suicide as an option ( I HAVE HAD TRIED 3 TIMES BEFORE)no one can understand what chronic pain has on your mental it's a very lonely journey and I wish sometimes that doctor's start too understand the big impact that chronic pain is real and start been more symphony for chronic pain suffers!
Regards Martin.

ER says:

Mfs letting the mafia take over much needed pain medication. You all will reap what you sow.

Hillbilly Cat says:

Lives are destroyed by pain and mean little drug warriors

Hillbilly Cat says:

In Tennessee if I are in chronic pain sufferer with mri showing u r in chronic pain and test positive for THC from trying medical marijuana in a legal state they take your meds away. They sentence you to LIFE IN PAIN. That is a violation of the EIGTH AMeNDMENT!!!! Stop mistreating Wilkes in pain!!!!!!!!!

hugokatz says:

The war on drugs is a war against patients.

hugokatz says:

She has my sympathy. I've had 2 different pain doctors tell me to buy street drugs for my spinal surgery.

dudeguy77 says:

Thanks Government, thank you for making life worse for those like me. Screw you. I would have said the f word, but it sensored me. So screw you tube too

Karen Weber says:

Am I addicted? I'm not getting better…who cares? Are the chemicals in short supply? Ill pay more!

Karen Weber says:

YES YES YES… I have not done anything wrong

Lisa Caiazzo says:

This is a HUGE CRISIS TODAY. I am a chronic Pain sufferer!! While I understand the need to stop people from overdose, the docs said I’m retiring, now you need to go to rehab?? I didn’t go, I rehabilitated myself, with my husband’s help. Not bad going cold turkey.. the rebound pain sets in then you are screwed. No one on the government or FDA gives an crap about us.. they left us to DIE IN CHRONIC DISABALING PAI

Morgan Jent says:

If you have chronic pain in America, you don’t even get treated like a person. I’m 25 and even with radiographic evidence of why I need pain meds I’m “still too young” and “it’ll destroy my life”. Hmm maybe the pain has destroyed my life. Maybe that’s why I don’t even have a job now. I don’t like pain medicine being a solution, trust me. But if you felt what most of us feel every single day, you’d be begging for something.

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