Survivors, lawyers speak after R. Kelly sentencing | full video

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Survivors and officials addressed reporters after R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison on federal sex trafficking charges. A New York judge also sentenced the singer from Chicago to five years of supervised release and charged a $100,000 fine.

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CBS News says:

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Coralita Evans says:

These aint no victims why wait so long to report something so serious? I say charge the parents because apparently they knew about it and did nothing. This sentence is ridiculous another black man failed by the hands of hungry money driven women you can take accountability for their actions in this situation.

Young Savage Fury says:

When Kevin Spacey going to jail

Young Savage Fury says:

Now Donald Trump turn to go to prison he grabbed women by the p#&&&

nate love says:

The Black Woman right there with the White people destroying a another Rich Black Man

existncDOTcom says:

Increase Your Satisfaction … by Understanding Your Existence … EXISTNC

Mia Shields says:

America has zero tolerance for sexual predators rich or poor all sexual predators will be prosecuted as they should be.


The first girl i feel she mad she didn’t become a star. Listen when the report said how he ruin your life and she couldn’t really give a direct answer. She said because she thought she had a bright future basically and she didn’t get that. But at end of the day he was wrong.

Joe says:

The parents don't get any jail time? Make it make sense. Some of the parents knew.

Mentoring Young Men says:

This is a sad day in America; they’ve once again showed their true colors this black man got 30 years for doing the same thing Caucasians have been getting away with this for year the famous Elvis had very Young girls , Jerry Lee Lewis… But this is how they make an example.. For black men ..This is America.

kardomike says:

The parents of these minors should be held accountable as well they sold their children to R. Kelly what a hypocrite and a double standard B you all are


That was not a Jury of his Peers they where l government agents and home land Security that’s why the trail was so secret

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