Global economy is ‘out of balance’ says World Economic Forum Founder

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The 2022 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is a consequential and serious one because “we are at the turning point of history,” says Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the WEF. Schwab tells CNN’s Richard Quest that creating coordinated responses to global challenges is key. #CNN #News


DJ Dingobread says:

The whole leasing thing has always been a rip off and whatever company that offers it is hoping you lack foresight to see what you are really paying out.
Like photoshop want's you pay out 20-50 bucks a month to use the program. I still use the whole adobe suite version from 2007 fully paid for at maybe 2 grand. If I payed a monthly leasing price I would have spent at least 3,600 by now, that's a extra 1,600 and counting and the premium PS is 50 bucks per month so it might as well be like 9,000 bucks over 15 years. What we really need is big companies changing their business practices and not relying on planned obsolescence.
WEF's real plan is how can we do business as usual and still turn a profit and not destroy the planet.
Admirable but clearly not willing to make any sacrifice on their end.

a8solut says:

Not really a “reset” more a continuation of the conserved system of slavery and monetary bondage/usery that’s been in place for generations

Wayne1 says:

“You will own nothing and be happy”. Ok bro you’re up first!

Kuwabara Kuwabara says:

This dude is secretly a Nazi

Samsung Samsung says:

switzerland, a country with criminal investments banking system, must return stolen funds by corrupt officials nazarbayev mafia to кazakhstan
швейцария страна с криминальными инвестициями банковской системы должна вернуть украденные средства коррупционерами мафии назарбаева в казахстан

GoodCrusader says:

Klaus Schwab .. you are old… your master, Satan, quickly visit you. And prepare a nice trip to the hell

Mehmet GÖKALP says:

Demon's servants


Ben Ink says:

This guy is evil and so is the WEF

george wash says:

sickening slimy snake sad sneaky looking lizard tying to rule the world ,where have we seen his kind before ?

KDS says:

this is not by accident. CNN are Communist apologist.

Janis Klodans says:

Old fks deciding how young will live. BS

Jamskillet says:

God will win in the end. Don’t take the chip.

basedinstinct says:

Don't worry everyone. His "global coup d'état to capture governance" is for our own good. He's just trying to help us and the earth. Our liberty is causing a sustainability crisis. We're all going to have to live in pods and eat bugs but it'll be fun. Like a sleepover. Bug popcorn and propaganda films.

basedinstinct says:

You will own nothing, and you will be happy. Gun to the noggin. Got it?

basedinstinct says:

"coordinated responses to challenges"….sounds like a conspiracy. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

basedinstinct says:

You will live in the pod, and you will be happy.

basedinstinct says:

Schwab is one of the Nazis that survived. Back trying to dominate the world.

basedinstinct says:

You will eat bugs, and you will be happy.

Justin Kerns says:

I wish I was Superman because with Hod like power I’d kill everyone of these billionaires and politicians who threaten humanity.

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