Former aide to Trump's chief of staff Mark Meadows testifies at Jan. 6 hearing | June 28

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Cassidy Hutchinson, a former top aide to President Donald Trump’s last chief of staff Mark Meadows, gave shocking testimony at a surprise House Jan. 6 select committee hearing on Tuesday. The panel has been sharing its findings of former President Donald Trump’s actions before the Capitol riot, including spreading false and baseless claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

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CBS News says:

Click here for more news on the House Jan. 6 select committee's public hearings:

forever says:

Fix the border bye

forever says:

We don't want it so thats it

forever says:

Waste of time and money chasing a ghost

forever says:

Waste of time , this is another fight to go after Trump , spend time on gas,food,border that effects millions


This is all Lies and fake news She is a fraud and a liar The Secret service Gave a statement denying that any of this was true CBS is a disgrace For reporting these lies They can't even bother to do their homework and look into this truth

Whit Tong says:

Can't believe America has women with this level of courage under such duress as one can imagine. Thank you for saving our democracy, Ms. Hutchinson, Ms. Chenney and many, many more I'm sure if and when given a chance. Thanks for your help in exposing the evilness of the bunker boy and his evil cohorts.

PeggyD says:

Clown Show , One sided circus

Tom Zart says:


A angry soul opens its mouth

And shuts its mind to reason.

All who stay slow to anger

Are loved by more each season.

Hatred snuffs the lamp of thought

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Where anger rules hatred thrives

As the world we love turns mean.

All who fan the coals of hate

Have no reason to complain.

If some hot sparks scorch their face

Their torments multiply their pain.

Anger is a human madness

Which consumes both heart and mind.

Those who rule their spirit with love

Shall be praised by all mankind.

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Taylor Lorio says:

Why didn’t he issue these pardons? Best take is that if they kept legal jeopardy it would incentivize those involved to NOT cooperate (also, in criminal cases they wouldn’t be able to use 5th amendment protection to keep from testifying)

Carol Hervey says:

i thought it was a right to face your accusser. So why can't the Republican question the wittness

Melvin Jordan says:

At first I was a little confused as to why she spoke like that. Then learned she's only like 25. I forgot that most official's aid's are super young. She talks like a 20 something year old but definitely carries herself (and looks) older. She has nothing to hide or lie about at that age lol.

Earl Thompson says:

Trump is the most dangerous man in America right now. He is also above the law. This man has openly committed more crimes than anyone else in America, yet he's still walking free, and now he's a threat to democracy.

Dan Heitkamp says:

Rudy went from hero to zero intentionally. How did he ever get a law license and mayor of New York City?

Fred Hermanns says:

Shaun is still under the false impression that if the GOP wins the senate, democracy will still be alive by next year! Read your history sir!!

Sj Jewel says:

I hope that her brave testimony is not in vain. it would be a travesty if trump and his cohorts got off.

Samuel Kachel says:

The USA’s elections left unchecked will end up like the Venezuelan elections and the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” will commence out of the chaos.

Gracie G says:

There was so many lies. The secret service who hardly ever say anything at all said that was all bunk bull!

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