Go ‘beyond the nutshell’ at https://brilliant.org/nutshell by diving deeper into these topics and more with 20% off an annual subscription! Sources & further reading: https://sites.google.com/view/sources-rabies/ In the 1970s thousands of Chickenheads rained from the sky [More]
Vaping has undergone a surge in popularity in recent years, concerning many health professionals, especially because of its prevalence among younger demographics. In this video we discuss what vaping is and address some questions related [More]
From 1 October 2021, consumers of nicotine vaping products need a prescription to legally purchase these products. Watch this video to find out how doctors can access any one of three pathways to prescribe nicotine [More]
I get a lot of questions about my product design process — which honestly differs with each project! Even though there’s no perfect design process, I do use the Double Diamond UX design process as [More]
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Design Process was heavily influenced by Louis Henry Sullivan, his “Lieber Meister”, and especially his book “A System of Architectural Ornament” from 1924. Sullivan’s romantic notions of nature and geometry deeply influenced [More]
Thank you to Formation for partnering with me on this video! Formation is an online fellowship helping early career software engineers break into top tier companies like Google, Dropbox and Lyft. Every Fellowship is custom [More]
It is the first TEDx talk of the founder of Free Software movement. Stallman, RMS for short, has changed the world with his vision of freedom for the digital age. He launched the GNU operating [More]
Susan Butler RN, MSN, an oncology nurse with the Merle Cancer Care Center at Island Hospital, discusses the benefits, side effects and considerations of taking oral chemotherapy.
Tips on how to manage nausea and vomiting during your cancer treatment. What foods to eat, when to eat and how to ensure you continue getting the proper nutrition. — The Ottawa Hospital is one [More]
KING 5 producer Chris Zito shows off the progress he’s made two months after having gastric bypass surgery