Putin says Russia will respond to Nato infrastructure in Finland, Sweden

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Vladimir Putin has issued fresh warnings that Russia would respond in kind if Nato set up military infrastructure in Finland and Sweden after they joined the US-led alliance. He said it was inevitable that Moscow’s relations with Helsinki and Stockholm would sour over Nato membership


Bambam KIT RING says:

Nuclear war is coming soon !!!

Justicija says:

The accession of Sweden and Finland to the NATO alliance of American colonies and occupied states will not make the West any safer, but will only make the world less secure because NATO will get another 1,500 km of Russia on its borders and the possibility of nuclear war and Apocalypse will increase dramatically.

I mac says:

So he's trying to flip it all around and making out Nato is the aggressor and not Russia. He clearly thinks Ukraine should not exist as country. If that's the case he should hand back kaliningrad back to germany and land back to China.

Scott2781 says:

Silly old man

zytrik says:

Yeah… it sounds to me that now that Finland and Sweden are NATO members he is chickening out.

T-90A Tank says:

Sweden and Finland to putin be like

Sorry, who dafuq are you again?

Cathy says:

So does he expect Ukraine to respond to Russian aggression by attacking Russia? That would seem to be how he sees such terms of engagement. An equal and opposite pressure applied.

MrHamsterpower says:

NATO isn’t going to attack first they are getting ready for you to attack which u already have threatened to do so to a nato country Lithuania

Mum Magic says:

Slava Putin! Let the ignoramus chew on their latest petrol bills.

Brett pilkington says:

Cancer we will forgive you of a lot if you do your job now.

Christina Massey-Stucki says:

Of course it creates tension. NATO always has been directed against nations who don’t comply with the US.

FutureMusician15 says:

Of course he will. We caused this anyway

T C says:

Putin is destroying democracy in the west & the only reason anyone is helping Ukraine is due to their rich resources, not to help the poor, brave citizens of the country! The west needed to supply the biggest & best weapons early on & this would have been over by now but they've strung it out thinking it would save money & hassle! More needs to be done as the Ukrainian fighters are dying on mass & the remainder are exhausted!!
Slava Ukraine ✌️

ஊழல் தந்தை says:

Long live Putin

Kreg says:

Putin: Struggles to invade Ukraine
Also Putin: I will invade you if you join NATO.
The European nations: comically loud laughs

Cleeon Virlief says:

Please correct me if I'm wrong. President Vladimir Putin, officially and confirmed that he have zero problems, Sweden and Finland to join NATO ?

T C says:

They were a threat to Putin before joining NATO! He would never overthrow Finland, only in his dreams!!!!

Refbg Hi go vvg says:

Sure loves to make a lot of "threats".

Airplane Explained says:

Top criminals always come to a humiliating end. Inclusive this one.

Champion T says:

Europe blitzing each other….soon

Chris Lewis says:

He is just a little gangster murdering women and children

Lulu Fulu says:

The wanna-be gangster, what a worm of a lier. You’ve done it now mate, you’ve woken the sleeping freedom hoards.

Robert Bones says:

Is Putin even in control of his military anymore? He can't end the fighting until he can show the Russian people it was worth it. Otherwise they might turn on him, blame him for a pointless war that's killed tens of thousands of young Russian men.

Navjeet Kaur says:

Putin is very brave

109PriorityWatch says:

i mean he isnt wrong tho

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