10 of the coolest escapes from North Korea

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Did you know that North Korea is in the top three most dangerous countries for Americans? This is related to its huge nuclear arsenal that the small country possesses. But if Americans know of North Korea only thanks to television than for the residents of the country it’s all worse. Just imagine a terrible life under a totalitarian regime where you constantly fear for your life. It is not surprising that many Koreans dream of escaping this country. But not all make it. Today we will tell you about the most impressive defections from North Korea.


Rebooted Blue says:


Asian parents : sorry kiddo ya goin to north korea

IanGaming says:

I was born in some the Korea I am half Korean and half English

smiling boy gaming says:

The poor boy Otto never deserved this,

Ted Bates says:

splots on the wall by "Hoo slung poo"

Man Milk says:

Why don't all the soldiers and civilians join forces to overpower their dictator to gain freedom if they hate living there

Maxoxo 13 says:

F**k north korea

LT. llama says:

F north Korea

Reeenaa says:

ppl shouldnt tell the world how they escaped.. cause the north korean soldiers would keep that in mind and make sure that it will never happened again

Titanic Adventures says:

i was sooo close to be born in north korea in filipino btw

ninjamau2 says:

4:35 the korean war never ended and is still going my guy

life facts says:

How many of you are here after watching crash landing on u

Lee Irwin says:

From shock? Is the a fact???


Thankyou God I a proud to be indian

MCGameJolter says:

The momment you realize Covid-19 turned the entire fucking world into North Korea in 2020 without realizing it-

Cletus Kasady says:

I'm so fucking thankful I wasn't born there

Bouncer says:

To us it's cool, to them it was probably the most terrifying experience in their life and I doubt they want to even be reminded of it

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