Europe debating measures to curb Covid-19 – BBC News

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Europe is debating the “carrot or the stick” approach to encourage vaccination and stop the spread of Omicron.

French President Emmanuel Macron is in hot water after saying he wants to “piss off” the unvaccinated by barring them from using most public services.

Meanwhile in Italy, one of the first global hotspots of Covid-19, politicians are debating compulsory shots.

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Aquacrystal78 says:

The Omicron variant doesn't require hospitalisation, as it is less severe??

AndyRob says:

Yawn. You can’t curb a virus? Have we returned to 18th medicine. You can’t curb Covid anymore than you can curb the flu or the cold v

Chisom sandraI says:

Pūslelinę galima gydyti ir išgydyti visam laikui, tačiau tik nedaugelis tuo tiki. Prieš kelerius metus man buvo diagnozuota pūslelinė, gydytoja man pasakė, kad nuolatinio gydymo nuo ligos nėra, davė antivirusinių vaistų, kad sumažintų viruso protrūkį, pradinėje stadijoje nebuvo taip blogai, kol progresavo iki paskutinis tarpinis etapas, kai man buvo sunku atlikti savo kasdienes funkcijas, buvau visiškai sugniuždyta, kol po trumpa diskusija, parengė ir atsiuntė man, kai gavau vaistažolių preparatą išgėriau pagal jo nurodymus po dviejų savaičių nuvažiavau į ligoninę kraujo tyrimui ir rezultatas buvo neigiamas, pasveikau ir laisva dėl šio viruso. Todėl dalinuosi savo liudijimu, kad žmonės taip pat galėtų susisiekti su jumis ir prašyti pagalbos el. paštu; WhatsApp numeris; +33755207534

EU master says:

Holocaust is being replayed in the EU on the pretext of COVID restrictions, mandatory vaccinations, Vaccine Passes, Quarantine Laws, Travel Restrictions etc….Freedom is a thing of the past in the EU.

EU master says:

EU dictatorship at full play with Covid restrictions, mandatory vaccinations, Vaccine Passes, Passports, Travel restrictions, use of lethal force upon Protesters…..these are those very famous EU values of so called Freedom, Human Rights of DICTATORIAL EU.

Mariusz Hope says:

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. There is no other intermediary. May Jesus Bless you, trust Him, give your life – and He will take care of it :pray Convert yourself and believe in the Gospel. Christ's Coming Is Near. Don't wait, come back while you still have time

Alee Bea says:

Do your bit to make everyone FEEL safe…..

Lzzah says:

Humans half a chromosome away from a chimpanzee and it shows Christopher Hitchens

cass expo says:

Facts for the Fact checkers; reliable sources like gov websites which you can find when googling.

Sep 2019 Donald J Trump signed an executive order for Mas vaccination for newer Influenza strains.

Oct 2019 Pandemic exercise held by Melinda gates foundation in New York

Nov 2019 Covid emerges in Wuhan china

So my question is:
did they change wording for covid and used influenza instead?

Did they know before hands in September; if yes why not put restrictions in place and order protective gear, sanitizers and etc for the front line workers and the general public?

My personal opinion is after the majority have been vaxxed ; they will tell us that it's just a new influenza strain in order to reduce the covid fear that's going on right now. We divided now and categorized as vaccinated and non vaccinated which is just to stir things up within families, friends, workplaces and etc. This has to stop!

When we invest we do our own due dilligence and don't follow others at least not most of us. This is your body and your personal choice why not due some fact checking and decide what's best for you instead to be just a follower like on social media sites.

L T says:

Just unelect the government of the day, we put them there, demote them from their seats, coz that's democracy. You come up with a rule that doesn't breach all of our Human rights. And those vaccinated got infected with the virus so what's the use of vaccinating when you can just heal them through antibiotics or herbal. The biggest healer is GOD.

Universal Universe says:

Why isn't the media talking more about the situation in italy?! It's crazy in here.
Unvaccinated and unboosted people are even banned from all public transports!

Steven Adams says:

I will take my life before i take that jab. I am willing to die for my freedoms that my grandfather died fighting for.

youtube keeps deleting me says:

The rothchilds own msm news, banks just so you know. Oh and the world economic forum run by klaus schwab….another rothchild.

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