Ameca and the most realistic AI robots. Beyond Atlas.

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Ameca’s incredible skills are part of a huge leap for AI Robots. The robot from Engineered Arts is a taste of the future Boston Dynamics and Tesla. Elon Musk is building a real Matrix, almost like the matrix movie.

We’re new to youtube, so comments and subs are really helpful.

The charity mentioned at the end is Give Directly:

Ameca, the humanoid robot:

Boston Dynamics dancing robots:

AI solves a 55x55x55 Rubik’s Cube:

Robot learns to play table tennis:

AI outsmarts its creators:

Research published in The Lancet predicts population decline:

Income and life expectancy:


Digital Engine says:

I'm new to voicing videos (I'm the writer), so I'm intrigued to hear what you think. My voice still sounds weird to me, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it. And do you think humanoid robots will be a positive force?

Clinton Galton says:

What if??? What if China has a whole military of terminators that look like them but, are cybernetic organisms… I mean i want to say 90% of production is done there, how do we not know china has these "terminators?" Who knows how long they've been building these robots?

reichhammer552 says:

Antichrist is coming soon, and it’ll be world domination!

Kentucky says:

when ai becomes more intelligent, were fucked

Duane Ayers says:

These robots will never be safe around human beings. Stop letting them lying to you. These people don't care about you.

jay leon says:

Do they come with a kill switch?

I not joshua13 says:

Im preparing for something like terminator now.
I gotta get a katana and find a gun some how

I not joshua13 says:

I find it creepy that they make robots look like humans why can’t they make them look like a robot?

Soultekka Music says:

All this tech was made to separate man+woman and to destroy humanity.

Joshua A says:

Do they wash dishes and clean toilets? 🙂

William Brent Coats says:

How frigggin scary! Losing missions of jobs and there are "upsides"??????

Stitch I'Lalu says:

As soon as I saw the tesla bots I instantly pictured them killing off everyone.

Albi says:

If that on thumbnail is a robot, I'm smashing that metal

Mini Fanblade says:

Sick bastards these demonic things will take over.

bubbs tubbs says:

We can finally buy a wife that listens…
and can cook.This will be great.

Alvin Leong says:

Can't imagine the development in the next few decades with the leap in quantum computing…

David Rockey says:

You got that right I say run and if I see one a bullet will take it out


This needs to speed up

ASM Beats says:

This will hurt us in the future, pseudo "progressive" nerds.

Robot Sanity says:

Gettin to the existential crisis stage of humanity now huh.

GratefulGamer says:

We are about to see some Detroit : Become Human shit real soon.

hobsdigree2 says:

I want a pet robot

Jose says:

Reminds me of advanced warfare

Monkadelic says:

There is nothing whatsoever good about this. Movieahave warned is but nooooooo we keep doing this sht

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