Amazing Tools & Gadgets That Work Extremely Well! 12

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Amazing Tools & Gadgets That Are On Another Level 11 –

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Sumai says:

With the knives you have Taras, you'll need a truck load of those knife cases! Lol!

Lunar Komet says:

Next level boredom

Chad says:

think you need to shop in the mens section of the tshirt store bro

Bunker 2 Bunker says:

Washin paper plates

Dylan Ponce says:

Pretty cool stuff Taras

ChrisCoral Ahola says:

Multifunction mug and self massage device is great gagect.

All Day MRE Eating says:

Now that would be very useful here in central Florida 🙂 hey Taras do a video on a firepiston

Eli says:

"that work exremely well" is the new "next level"

Margaret Burrows says:

How long did the cooling ice vest stay cold for?

BlAzE says:

knife proof.

James Harris says:

5:26 That is a very stylish Man-Purse for the Pride Parade. 🙂

Bobby Bologna says:

Yeah..knives.. knives are what I'd put in there >.> lol

Ricky Tang says:

What are the pliers names called? I would like to buy

Riode says:

scythe shaped knife? very good for scaring people

onefastbunny says:

love watching your videos, very entertaining. wish you would include some info where to get some of these amazing things.

Chad Legault says:

Why wash the plates when you have the dogs?

Jose says:

Do you have a telescope?

MPH says:

Hammer & sickle

Bigshow101171 says:

Love this format. Need to make some videos of just fails

Jim Laughlin says:

Taras, will you show us the results of your remodeled house? I think that would be awesome.

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