11 weird things that only happened once in F1

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Well over 1000 world championship races have been held held, and in that time we’ve seen plenty of great races and heroic achievements.
But some things are so rare that they have only happened once across all those races.
We’ve chosen 11 of the most remarkable unique happenings in F1 history. Let us know in the comments which are your favourites, and if there are any we’ve missed.

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THE RACE says:

Hi all, we're fixing our Stroll/Verstappen error and advised Edd on the laws of time travel.

Matrixu says:

So the Hamilton situation where he was the only one starting in Budapest happened at least once more? I was sure that was unique

Brent Van den Broeck says:

I still can't believe Mazepin didn't get half a point for the fastest lap in Spa. Blood, sweat and tears it took him to manage such a beautiful stint. It's a shame.

Marchel Kindangen says:

3:13 SUS

Henley Beach says:

Mick Scheuy is in a different time as are others there. Less testing, more races without a break to develop ones-self and car to suit etc. Mick needs a shout-out. Ecclestone is right, encourage, not criticise 🙂 It must be hard with no experience AND starting with a bit of a shambles of a team

Philipe_s says:

Wouldn't the single-grid restart from Hungary 2021 also be on this list? Or has it happened before?
Also I understand it might not be worth on this list because it was just a restart and the others were in the pits, but technically, was it a thing that only happened once?

FB1015 says:

I’m assuming the Belgian GP farce was probably also the only time the race finished with all drivers in the same position they started aha.

Snorxal/Jaser Music says:

What about brawn gp winning both championships in their only season in f1? Has that happened before? (Forgive me if it has, my formular 1 history knowledge doesn't extent very far beyond about the mid 90's)

Hamburgerschnack says:

Don't forget Lewis being the only car on the grid for the restart. That surely has never happened before, did it?

s3m says:

Lmao Luca Badoer, Lookhow Badyouare.

Winston Mendonca says:

Interesting that WTF1 also posted a video with some similar content around the same time as this one.

Eamon Ahern says:

In my opinion, Tora Takagi was better than his 32 races without a point suggests.

Purwanti Allan says:

This may happen again in 2023.

Leo Timtom says:

You forgot Martin Brundle`s saddest record of having the longest career in F1 without a pole, race win or fastest lap. Every time he comments F1, this is the only thing that I think about him:))))

Santiago Vargas says:

You enjoyed saying "tremendous ineptitude" a tad too much. Keep it in your pants, Hamilton lovers. Verstappen was given the 2015 "Rookie of the Year", "Personality of the Year", and "Action of the Year" awards. If you call that "ineptitude", you're living in a parallel reality. Your bias against non-British drivers is PATHETIC.

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