What to Eat While Breastfeeding

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In this video, I’m going to give you a few breastfeeding diet tips. I want to go in-depth on what to eat while breastfeeding and why. 

What you eat just before, during, and after pregnancy will determine your child’s future health. 

Nutrients are cofactors, which are essential in building proteins. 

Proteins are needed for:
• Enzymes
• Hormones
• Repair
• Protection
• DNA copy 
• Proofreading
• Detox
• Fluid pump 

If the growing fetus or infant is nutrient deficient, that child could have malfunctions with:

• Bone structure
• Jaw shape
• Teeth
• Immune system
• Disabilities 
• IQ
• At risk for diabetes, ADD, asthma, and cancer

Signs of deficiencies in a mother:

• Cravings
• No energy
• No tolerance to stress
• No endurance

Essential nutrients for development:

• Selenium 
• Iodine
• B-vitamins
• Folate
• Iron
• Zinc
• Copper
• Calcium
• Vitamin D
• Vitamin A
• Manganese 

*Do not go low-fat because you need essential fatty acids like DHA. 

What to consume to get these essential nutrients:

• Shellfish
• Fish
• Cod liver oil
• Nutritional yeast
• Organ meats
• Eggs
• Big salads

*Make sure when you’re buying food, it’s non-GMO.

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funwithbrittany says:

Where exactly could I find the info I might need about the Mercury exposure. I have a confirmed high level allergy to “Thiomersal” and worry about how my little one will handle that exposure.

praveen jose says:

Thank you for this video God bless you

Amanda Deee says:

I grind my own wheat berries for our bread and flour. Does this still zap zinc from our bodies?

The Exipure Team says:

Since breastfeeding burns a ton of calories, you may be wondering how you'll have enough energy to take care of your family. Many women find it difficult to lose weight when they're breast-feeding because they are burning so many calories on a daily basis. Fortunately, some supplements can help ensure you're healthy and happy during what is likely one of your most trying times. Although there is no magic pill that will make weight loss painless or quick, taking these vitamins can help ease some of your struggles while maintaining a healthy body mass index (BMI).

Mahshid Life says:

Thanks dear Dr. Berg.

Sallie Justice says:

As an adult with anemia , thyroid issues and gut issues , my mother was certainly nutrient deficient in many aspects .

It's me says:

Has anyone started keto just after their baby was born while breastfeeding? I'm 34 weeks but only want to do keto once I have given birth. I was wondering what other women have experienced in this scenario, did it affect your milk supply?


Just bought some trace minerals from your website. Hopefully will help my lady produce more breast milk. Thanks dr berg I tell everyone about you. Only doc I trust!

Ana Tavarez says:

Dr berg, I’ve been doing keto while breastfeeding (was keto for most of my pregnancy) but now I’m having issues with HYPOGLYCEMIA! I didn’t have this problem before breastfeeding. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong?
My blood sugar will be below 70 and the lower it is, the higher my ketone levels.
Before I ate today my blood sugar was 66 and ketones were 3.8. GKI 0.96
I am feeling a bit sweaty and shaky.

Patrick Clinton Ubochioma says:

My persistent belly fat is so stubborn that I tried the keto diet, saw some results but felt terrible. The Agoge diet on the other hand I saw the same results but felt great.

Be Creative with SAMIUL says:

By far the best diet is the Agoge diet because it works great and is easy to adhere to. Keto is simply risky and hard to stick with.

Jen says:

More videos on breastfeeding please !!!

Paris Joy says:

So can someone answer me this:

My friend told Me STARTING Keto while nursing is not safe for baby because toxins accumulate in the fat cells and will transfer to baby while nursing.

Is this true? Toxins accumulating in fat cells?

hetrec dumangez says:

I really tried sticking with the keto, but I just felt awful and it's also really tough to stick with. Then I tried the Agoge diet and it was life changing, I highly recommend it to everyone.

Mary Cicely says:

Can you do the Keto-diet while breastfeeding? And what about during pregnancy?

Rebecca Gitto says:

I would love if you did some research on fasting while breastfeeding. I’ve been doing it very carefully since my baby was born 4 months ago. (Already fat adapted) With taking lots of electrolytes and your supplements and water, and making my meals very nutritious, I’ve been able to do OMAD every day since 4 weeks PP and I’ve now done 4 36-42 hour fasts. I have not lost my supply. My baby is VERY chunky. She’s doubled her birth weight. And I’ve lost 30 lbs. I know one needs to be careful but I wish people would do more research on this subject to help other women because I’m so happy it’s working for me and my baby is also so happy 🙂 It’s the first postpartum (I have 4 kids) I have not had post partum depression either!

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