Top 5 Best FREE VIDEO EDITING Software

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The best FREE VIDEO EDITORS for Windows, Mac, and Linux… Whether you’re a beginner needing something simple for YouTube or you’re a professional that requires more advanced features, there’s a free video editor for you. In this video, I’ll countdown the Top 5 best free video editing software for Windows, Mac, and Linux going over the pros and cons of each. To qualify, the program must not have any forced watermarks or time limits and allow for the export of projects in a resolution of at least 1080p HD.

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Top 5 Best Free Screen Recording Software

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Apple iMovie
DaVinci Resolve
HitFilm Express
VSDC Video Editor


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TechGumbo says:

Update 2022: The updated video for this year is available now:

Ali hun yar says:

Thanks man. I really appreciate your work❤

Pardeep Kumar says:

But saving resolve asks for an activation key what about that 🙁

r0j0e gaming says:

I've been using lightworks for the full lifetime of my channel (about a year and a half now).. it's got the basics for editing, but looking at my older videos now, they look awful in 720p.. you're right, it just doesn't cut it anymore. heard good things about da vinci resolve from other youtubers and other videos, so I'm def gonna give it a try. you didn't mention anything about motion tracking though?

MasonCrafter says:

Thanks this is helpful

spawn10 says:

So now public opinion which is the best?

Andrew3&845 says:

Awesome video!

Puaggy says:

Thank you so much for these softwares! I’ve been looking for a half decent video editor for so long and now I finally found one!

The Awesome Dudes -T A Ds- says:

This helped us thx very much

Dennis Orks says:

Which one do you use

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