Design Royale: 8 Logo Designers DESIGN THE SAME LOGO!

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Judge/Co-Host – @Nowack Design

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David –
Zopix –
Vortek –
Rey –
Holmes –
Dewi –
Jeremey –
Ike –

Video Description: 8 Logo designers design with the SAME brief, but their can only be 1 winner.

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Nowack Design says:


Tylor Huebner says:

This is the coolest idea. I for sure want to replicate this for fun with my friends

OblivionHS says:

That was bs. The best was obviously Rey. No one would even play a game that looked the way vortex designed it. He is good but this was his worst work by far.

Quantrell H. says:

Sorry, but these judges are Boo boo! In the 1st round Zopix logo was unique and different and VERY gamer-ish. Holmes also killed it with his logo. Everyone else was cliché and generic they all had a crosshair, to me it was boring!

In the 2nd round David's logo stood out the most when it came to both streetwear & gaming. It looked a bit more like a software logo, but compared to the rest it had that streetwear style. Off white has arrows lol.

The rest of the designs didn't have the streetwear aspect of their logos. Ike's logo didn't have a gamers vibe, the adidas aspect of the design is an ok concept for streetwear. Rey's looked more like a logo for a dance crew or tagging crew. Vortex's was just gaming vibes, but i guess lol.

Pulkit Gupta says:

My man Jeremy!

Endee Graphics says:

Zopix was good he should have made it to 2nd round

yer* says:

this was hella interesting aswell as inspiring, would love to see another one

Cadaver X Creations. says:

all i know is really want to play glitch now

Rasool Abeditabar says:

12:07 my dude put a design on a mobile platform. that takes guts, I like guts. lol

Ben Burkitt says:

david was my favourite, super professional design work from what i’ve seen in this video

Levi says:


ؘ says:

love this series, keep it up!!

Matt West says:

New subscriber here this was interesting !!


no shot all those discord notifs and everytime that happens i pause to go check my discord omg just found out it was from the video fml

Erick Rangel says:

Am I crazy or were Rey’s designs the weakest throughout the whole video? Also Holmes design was the best in the first challenge. It was clean, precise, and to the point.

Taylor made says:

Dont forget to show the design that you are talking about. It helps the audience recognize and comprehend what's going on

TheShmeagan says:

Can you do a fan series? I would love to jump in on one of these

Onze Milano Gaming says:

I feel Holmes should have made it through Round 2. His logo felt like it's a real multi-million dollar brand. It hit all the right notes with me.

RoiD says:

Ikes extended logo was so good that i immediately perceived extended like a brand

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