The Most Inspiring Animal Rescues Of The Year

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Welcome to Awesome Animals. Today we’ll see the best inspiring animal rescue stories of 2021. We’ll remember the best and most touching moments about homeless animals who need and get help. We’ll show you both cats, dogs, and completely wild species. The stories are mixed and you can scroll through if any are familiar or not very interesting. I’m sure you’ll find lots of inspiring, warm animal stories in this video.

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Veronica Bates says:

I wish it would live

Sophia Rose says:

I saved a 2 week old kitten runt from a field a couple years ago. Now she is happy and healthy and safe in my home. 🙂

ThatOneCatGamer12 says:

I rescued my 2 dogs when they were on the side of the road on an interstate. They were only like about 5 weeks old. So young and helpless. Idk who left them there…

Brayden & Logan Fuller says:

I saved a dog from a river

craig david says:

Just found your channel. This is an awesome video. It fills my heart with hope, knowing that there are are still some amazing Human beings out there who are willing to do the right thing at the right time.
In my humble opinion. We're not supposed to be the way we are – with wars and starvation and needless suffering of all species etc etc. THIS! is how we're meant to be. Understanding, caring and with our hearts filled with love for all things around us. After all, there is no Planet B. Much love for sharing this compilation, it genuinely made me cry, but for the right reasons <3

Monica Eriksson says:

Have leach on the dogs when near ice, then wount these kind of ”accidents” happen!!! I still don’t understand why people let their dogs loose near icy waters!!!!

Contingency IBCT says:

The first guy needs to watch the 2nd guy snatch that dog up.

Evil Dad says:

Thats it? No more comments?

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