My #1 BEST Intermittent Fasting Tips for Faster Weight Loss – Dr. Berg

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Achieve more benefits and take your weight loss to the next level with these intermittent fasting tips. 

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0:00 Introduction: The best intermittent fasting tips
0:35 Intermittent fasting benefits
1:15 Tips for intermittent fasting 
9:57 The #1 best tip for intermittent fasting 
11:15 Check out my video on how to do intermittent fasting! 

Today, I’m going to give you the best tips for intermittent fasting weight loss results. In this video, we’re focusing on intermittent fasting for weight loss. But, there are so many additional benefits of intermittent fasting. 

Health benefits of intermittent fasting:
• Building a new immune system 
• Growing new brain tissue 
• Improving your mood, cognitive function, focus, memory, and concentration
• Dropping inflammation 

The best tips for intermittent fasting: 
1. Transition from two meals a day to one meal a day (23 hours of fasting)

2. Do Healthy Keto and intermittent fasting together 

3. Be consistent (take a picture of yourself before you start and then take a picture of yourself after one month to see a difference—then keep going!) 

4. Drink herbal teas—berberine tea, green tea, and 1 tsp. to 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar mixed in water (you can also add lemon)

5. Add HIIT (high-intensity interval training) 

6. Understand what’s happening in your body when you’re fasting (fasting is the most important health-creating thing you can do) 

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Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 56, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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Thanks for watching! Give these intermittent fasting tips a try to take your results to the next level.


Kelly Wolffis says:

Be careful, berberine not for those of us who are hypoglycemic.

yes rose says:

Dr I have question. I read somewhere that if you skip breakfast, it will make your brain work slower. So is it okay to skip breakfast? as it is one of my concern as a student.

aleksandra kettner says:


Zohreh Ghadery says:

seems great info here but how we can get enough nutrition's to our body over OMAD? please let us know … thanks

sia steven says:

I'm day 5 out of 40

shayle62 says:

I’d like to try intermittent fasting to reduce inflammation, allergies, food intolerances. Can I do it without losing weight? I weigh 118 at 5’5” so weight loss is not my goal. I can lose weight fairly easily if I choose to.
I eat quite healthy and exercise regularly. I was also recently diagnosed with asthma and need to use an inhaler. Thx.

Jayme Hayes says:

I have found it hard to eat all my needed nutrients in one meal.

Samrawit Eri says:

Please can you do a video on how to put on weight the healthy way… lost so much weight since starting the keto diet due to having reactive hypoglycaemia.

Nadia Mills says:

Hey Doc
You are looking younger!!! What gives?

Yohanna Ibrahim says:

IF is mimicking not eating so frequently by activating survival genes turning off disease genes . targeting and improve insulin sensitivity. insulin resistant causes weight gain. HIIT 2x weekly exercises spike growth
herbal teas. berberine/green tea
apple cider vinegar in glass water
take a pic and take another in 2 weeks to record the changes

misstippytoes says:

Can you do intermittent fasting if you're breastfeeding a 20 month baby?

Redmi Nalog says:

It's so great i found you….i have No Hunger…have now so a Lot of Energy….i started only two days ago…but I keep very strict to your advices…..thank you so much…i am a Fan of fasting… my stomache goes smaler….

Ghedneil Dagalea says:

Just a question. If you only do HIIT once or twice a week, is it still ok or will it give you better results if you combine it with regular cardio?

Marianne Mitz Macadangdang says:

Can I still do intermittent fasting even though I'm not overweight?

Farah Mirza says:

When I drink acv i get yeast infections or Candida. What else can I add to substitute the effects acv gives?

CallMeTeci says:

How are you doing OMAD and HIT? And when does it make sense to eat, so you wont struggle with HIT?
I usualy need 4 hours for my whole workout routine. Eating a little 1h before workout (mostly joghurt with a few dried fruits) – drink about 0,5-1l water 30min before – workout for about 2h – getting home again (drinking a protein-shake on the way) and eat my real meal after i get home.
So… I tried it once to do my regular workout (not even HIT) after 16 hours not eating something (8/16 IF) and i almost blacked out and did puke in the middle. So this wasnt the best experience for me and i would want to know if it would be enough to just do a 4/20 IF or if you have a food tip for me to combine OMAD and workout effectively.

Also… If the goal is to have only one meal, it means to take all kcal that you have per day into this one meal? Basically eating 2 meals at one single point of the day?

Joseph Preston says:

Thank you doc for your wonderful videos. I have a pretty fast metabolism for being 41 but was eating so many calories and lifting so much I was getting fat…. None of my clothes were fitting. I looked strong but felt fat. My brother got me watching your videos and after a month of cutting gluten out and intermittent fasting, I dropped 10 lbs and my gut issues have almost completely gone away. I’m trying to get more disciplined about sugars and other food vises but It’ll be wonderful to feel the difference. Thank you again

Hellen kristina Billing says:

I'm doing OMAD since my 20….I'm never hungry untill afternoon. the most difficult thing is other people. I've been trying to be "normal" eat breakfast, lunch, dinner….between fruits…my stomach is always hurting. Nerver satisfying feeling. Now back to being my normal, feeling a lot happier, I have energy all day. Like always. No pain. BUT! I eat 2 small meals during the weekends with my kids. For the sake of family closeness

Kelly Moore says:

I did this and I didn’t even know it was a thing. I’d eat one meal a day and I lost a ton of weight. I started eating more when I did HIIT and weight training because I was told I needed more protein to build lean muscle. So I gained weight. How can you lift weights and do HIIT and also not eat???

Whyit Tag says:

hello, was wondering if it is wise to do Intermittent fasting while trying to get pregnant?


Ofcourse you are going to lose weight if you only o¡eat one meal a day, but you are gonna be starving! Its not healthy to eat so little nor just one time per day. Our bodies need energy, aka carbs, so if you are cutting meals and energy you are slowly telling your body that you are not gonna take care of it, hence you will be slowly killing it…
Don't wanna sound rude, but honestly it doesn't sound much healthy, and when you try to lose weight you should be lloking out more for your health…

Hicham Kodhi says:

When fasting for 23hours, can I drink water?

Sidra ali says:

Appetite/hunger does not go away..

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