Medical Marijuana For Kids With Severe Conditions? Attitudes May Be Shifting

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Medical marijuana is a legal treatment for adult ailments in 36 states, but it’s not approved for children. Some doctors believe it’s effective while others question the amount of research that’s been done, leaving some parents of kids with severe conditions in a difficult spot. NBC’s Catie Beck reports in this week’s Sunday Spotlight.

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swartz bruder says:

come smoke this bih

shake and bake says:

Well we're Republican majority in Arkansas and we got it approved with majority support on both sides. Right and left pushed for it and it passed smiling from both ends. Every fellow Republican I know wanted it passed just like me. I'm an epileptic conservative and always wanted complete legalization.

Jason Haire says:

Until the state gets Democrat senator and governor it will NOT be legalized, Its up to the future voters of the state of South Carolina.

Andy Smith says:

Please show this to Dan Patrick and Greg Abbott.

PCTechVince says:

Imagine if it can be time release medication. He’ll be like almost a normal child. You have to look at the good that it benefits the patient and it’s a natural plant. Only thing why medical professionals are not for this treatment imagine of millions of dollars lost for the doctor and medical hospitals taken away from them. Just saying.

Rhonda Schaaf says:

What a joke… Should of been a long time ago…

REACTS to comments says:

Marijuana doesn't have side effects it makes you sleepy hungry and tired.

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