Italy SHOCKS Team USA in massive 4×100 upset at Worlds | NBC Sports

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Team USA battled with the Italians until the very end, but fell just short and had to settle for silver in a major upset at Swimming Worlds in the men’s 4×100 medley relay

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Italy SHOCKS Team USA in massive 4×100 upset at Worlds | NBC Sports


Undisputedly Mediocre says:

the relay line shoots ahead at the turn cause its caelebs insane 49.03 butterfly split

glorybackhk says:

太棒了 italy

Exploration Northwest says:

Time for a new US backstroker. Congratulations to Italy!

Bill Crane says:

The last time Rowdy said “I don’t see how ——- loses.” Remember 2008.

Joel Willems says:

Kudos to Italians. What a race! Took a European record to beat team USA.

Antony DanDan says:

GRANDI GRANDI GRANDI, I am so impressed about the fantastic winning we had today! I live in US and some people asked if we also swim in Italy… no comments, right?…and not only in swimming races…

Brenden says:

I’m sorry but if I don’t win gold I’m gonna be angry I don’t want to talk to the press nothing

George George says:

Andrew, the anti-masker, loses out again.

MasterM says:

Italy – 4*100 swim and 4*100m track too. Way to go

Anna Warner says:

Good that sometimes some other countries are winnng too. Not only USA.

Start Visit says:

Why is not Dressel ?

Try Logic says:

That was such an exciting race! The last two US swimmers had to make up time, and did a really great job of it, but Italy was better on the day. Congrats to them!


Wow wow wow. What a great race!
Congratulations to Italy.

nebraska fan says:

Grats to italy

Lawlzinator says:

Can’t wait to see Italy in the World Cup now

Oh wait…

Hello321 says:

That was a dog fight to the finish.

JL. C. says:

That’s a great swim!! Good for the Italians.

Zooview5757 says:

Why no Caleb Dressel on this relay?

Eduardo Saint Lo says:

All the US fans salty in these comments lmao

Matthew Chow says:

Its all that pizza and pasta

Liam White says:

It hate to say it but everyone was sleeping on the Italians. I knew they could win because they had two world champions, an Olympic bronze medalist in the 200 Fly and Miressi beat Held in the 100 Free at SC worlds. So on paper Italy should have been the favorites but I will say with Dressel it probably would have been a different story.

Fransisco Scaramanga says:

wow, Italy had a good showing at these world championships……they will be a force at next olympics..

Devin Kosiorowski says:

Michael Andrew sold just like always

Julian says:

I think thats probably the best swim Micheal Andrew has ever had had. In the future they should probably go Andrew on fly then Dressle on free.

We are the world says:

Italians have figured out the steriod formulae

Kent Hall says:

Brooks curry gets no love in the relays ?

LL L says:

Only Micheal Andrew of US team swam well in this race.

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