69 YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS that will BLOW UP in 2022 *that are ACTUALLY unique* ( for small youtubers!)

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happy 2022!! took a lil break from posting but now im back!!

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Music by Ashes To Amber – Sand People – https://thmatc.co/?l=5879AC3F

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honestly I don’t really know anymore lol

peace ✌️


legendkisses says:

FIRST! (Pin?)

Divya Sharma says:

69? Mm quite a unique number

Isabelle Moeller says:

I just made my account but I am posting a video tomorrow! Subscribe if you like vlogs/routines/grwms!

Queen says:

Pls help out exclusive evangeline she made a what you should put in your bag for personal bags school bags pencil pouch pls help her https://youtube.com/channel/UCr3Arfvcv0tTi8Zw_FfnK8A

iisaraxia says:

Thank you I have done the deep clean but instead of the whole rooms did my desk by the herds another tip do shorts to get more views!!

Crista Cortez says:

your youtube channel is so cute

Sugar_Tea2000 says:

Why does it have to be 69

Hana Khaled says:

Thank u so much I rarely get attention so tysm

Robyn Dalton says:

this video is super helpful for me

Kylie Bison says:

I'm starting back up my youtube channel this summer and need video ideas! Thank you this helps alot!

ava grace says:

i loved this video! new subbie here 🙂

Sophie Dee says:

bruh i tried crap asmr yesterday and it got like no views

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