Last-Minute They Challenged Putin! "We Can Get Involved in the War"

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Welcome to the News of the Signor.
The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began at the behest of Putin, continues.But what Russia wants in Ukraine
he couldn’t, and it looks like he can’t.However, Putin simply could not get into Ukraine.He is also hostile to himself
he created other hostile countries.He ensured that the world fully took the front line against Russia and himself.
By the Finnish Chief of the General Staff, General Timo Kivinen, Russia
he said they were ready to fight if they were attacked.
Kivinen, who has been preparing for a possible Russian attack for decades, said that an attack
he stated that they would put up stiff resistance in his case.
General Kivinen noted that “we systematically strengthen our military defense, for this type of war conducted in Ukraine
we have improved it. Ukraine has become a hard bite for Russia to chew. So will Finland.” said.

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Carl Covey says:

I wish all the countries around comes to fight with the Ukrainians! What Russia is doing to Ukrainian is totally Satanic! And if other countries do not join in Russia will do the same to them! Putin wants to rule the world!

Stephen Threadwell says:

This is evil and



Harry Jarvis says:

Finland you are great nation to be on your side. don't back down on putin he is a good story teller and tells lies. Good luck Finland.

David Hacking-Bonilla says:

If Putin's regime sends troops into Finland. They will remind them of the Winter War in WW2 and what happened to the Soviets.

Roland Widen says:

Count on that Russians

TheNordmo says:

Неужели Путин настолько глуп, что думает, что Европа, НАТО или Украина позволят Донбассу стать российским? или что криминал станет русским? Насколько глупым можно стать в 2022 году? Калининград навсегда станет Уктайском! Путин уже загнал Россию в могилу, но не поймет. Путин позорит этот мир, как и Ленин, Сталин и Гитлер

Mark Chaplin says:

NATO needs to stop cowering in fear of Putin and go after him with strength. He is a bully and a coward. Bullies soon run away when you stand up to them. Show him some shock and awe

Charles Farran says:

Your AI voiced post doesn’t make any sense. Why don’t you use human beings?

Ammini Kanacheril says:

Please puttin stop this war

Eva Martinez says:

No con avión no si ello le estas esperandos están postados en el piso lo soldados ucrania

Sally James says:

Putin taking on everyone, he needs stopped

Keith Lewis says:

No in the back.

Donna McDonald says:

First clue was that Ukraine was not gone lay down and wave the white flag too Russian was that they was already in a 8 years war with Russian and Putin hard head didn't get that ?.

Tina Archambault says:

The audio, bow these are read out are terrible. You can barely understand what it's trying to say

Leonard Gibney says:

Long live Finland!

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