IGCSE Physics Revision – Unit 5 Nuclear Physics – MENA Version (this class is nuclear…haha?)

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Cambridge IGCSE Physics Unit 5 Nuclear Physics for Core and Extended students.

This is suitable for Cambridge IGCSE Syllabus Codes 0625 and 0972 up to 2022.

This video is an edited version of a previous live-stream.



Physics with Mo Ali says:

Skip to 10:00 For lesson start.

Youssef_Hany says:


Hashem Alweesy says:

Bro i got an A in o levels cuz i watched his videos and I studied from his videos, he literally covers every single small thing, keep it up Mr❤️❤️

Insta 6.h9 says:

ana w elrgala bn7bk ya mmrrrr

Not me says:

my physics paper 4 exam is tomorrow. I've watched all your videos and this is the only one left. thank you so much <33

Fatima Arshad says:

Honestly his videos are so helpful!!

Maria Petro says:

please ive been trying to understand this topic for the past like 3 hours and i found ur video and legit saved my life. deadass out here saving our grades and FOR FREE KAMAN

dounya_mohamed says:

I never thought i would understand physics until i came across your page tysm!!

The billionaires club says:

chemistry syllabus please if u can

Wagd Gaafar says:

Stopped at 39:04

Ziyan Maredia says:

Thanx Man it helped me alot! keep up the good work 🙂


I have doubt


which country sir ❔❔❔

Mohamed Abomehesen says:

جميل استمر

Krishna Ghosh says:

This explanation really helped me understanding nuclear physics. The explanation was very entertaining. Thank you.

Abdullah Ghumman says:

Is this suitable for 5054 in 2022


imma hopefully pass my boards cuz of this

Roshail Bukhtiar says:

Ya habibi I love you

Iqra Saleem says:

anyone here for the july/august session? i feel you

OnTHE BEAT says:

Mr Thanks For saving Lives.

Mohamed Refaat says:

Face reveal???

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