Central Venous Catheter (CVC )/ Central line insertion- Internal Jugular Vein (USG guided)

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Hi guys. In this video, we have described Central line/ Central Venous Catheter (CVC) insertion technique in a sterile manner using Ultrasound machine (Sonosite).

There are 3 routes from which you can insert Central Venous Catheter- Internal Jugular Vein (IJV), Subclavian Vein & Femoral Vein.

In this video, we have demonstrated CVC insertion in IJV.

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00:00 – Intro
01:15 – Indications
02:22 – Equipments
05:28 – Preparation
08:57 – Technique
13:21 – Complications
14:23 – Contraindications

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Hindi nahi aati hai kya

Shahid Rahat Hossain says:

What about Permanent catheter tip position?
Is it same as CV line?

Md Misfaur Rahman says:

Hello sir, please write down all the 3 CVC way's proper position with the Anatomy, Please sir

Delisha maryam says:

Thanku sir for ur efforts

Sabeeh MN says:

Sir which lumen or port should we use to connect with the monitor?

sayan palta says:

Sir ap tracheostomy ka ek video upload karta to bohot subidha hota …pls sir

sarika jadhav says:

Sir can u please explain about Arterial line in details in Easy word….

Diksha Ovhal says:

Very nice & so easy

Amit Atwal says:

Sir the way you wore gloves on the left hand is not what in critical care we are taught at our institute.

jyotsna mallik says:

Very nice. I am a intesivist too, all ur presntation are helpful

Amala Jeyanthi says:

Explained is ver good sir

neha verma says:

Very helpful video .

Anood Naz says:

This is so good. Thank you!

K******** R***** says:

your videos are highly useful to inquisitive patients like. When ever we under ECG or Chest X Ray normal doctors say normal or OK. They are hard pressed for time because of other patients waiting for their turn. Now your videos help on these subjects to understand the report and thereafter seek clarification from the family physician. They need not explain A to Z of the subject on report.

sidhant khajuria says:

Again watched so many videos …but at last …sir your video is ….too too much good … And well explained.. thankyou sir

sakthi dhasan says:

Heparin missed

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