Where did the coronavirus come from? | COVID-19 Special

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Where did the virus behind COVID-19 come from? It’s a question that’s dogged researchers since the early days of the pandemic. Most maintain it jumped from bats to humans in a Chinese market. Some claim it could have other origins – in particular, a breakout from a lab working with viruses.
Getting answers hasn’t been easy. China has been guarded. And scientists warn that the window to finding COVID’s true origin is closing fast.
The debate that has turned highly-political, at times threatening to overshadow management of the pandemic itself.
Solving the puzzle is still critical. Determining the origin of Sars-Cov-2 could help outbreaks of new diseases, and stop future pandemics before they start.
A new US-intelligence report also fails to settle on an origin theory. But it does give a small peek into the ongoing debate. An unclassified summary of that report says outright that it’s unlikely the virus was developed as a biological weapon, or that Chinese officials even knew about the virus. Most intelligence agencies in the US still think it was a transmission that occurred outside of the lab. But the report doesn’t dismiss the lab-accident theory, saying one agency concluded that account was more probable, while two other agencies said they couldn’t reject the idea.
The report said more evidence is needed, in particular early clinical samples of the virus. That appears unlikely to happen, and it means the debate over origin will continue.

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DW News says:

As always, we'd love to include your questions in our upcoming shows! What would you like to know about the coronavirus pandemic? #askDerrick

ElChuntyCabra says:

Spoiler alert: it came from the lab

Ethan Weeter says:

The fact we don’t know is very concerning. I wonder if it started in the US through bats naturally.

Humphrey Godfrey says:

Ask illuminate know it

Bradley Grimes says:

I'm not saying that being predators is a reason why I'll kill flying birds and bats, but some pets have flying predators. It's good to build a roof over a farm area so that flying predators can't just fly in there over the fence. I hope to cause the extinction of flying birds and bats so that COVID would be reduced. I'll kill as many flying birds and bats as possible in that case which would save their prey. Pets would be safer from more flying predators. The reason why COVID exists is that someone ate something that a bat pooped on, ate bat poop, and got sick. That one bat must have been flying at the time which is the thing with flying animals. They pee and poop even while in flight. That one person who ate bat poop probably died.

Mohammad Asem says:

Don’t be surprised by Asians eating dogs. all it takes is someone on street who didn’t cook properly. If it’s even possible. and virus are more likely to be passed on by bats but they eat that anyways. Virus doesn’t need human interference in order to develop. People need to eat the most common food and you wouldn’t have virus spread like this.

davis scott says:

It is already clear that the novel coronavirus made in the United States. The British virus research team has long exposed that the gene of the novel coronavirus contains a patented gene fragment applied by the American Modena company in February 2016. The probability of this gene sequence appearing in the novel coronavirus through natural evolution is one in three trillion.
In other words, the probability that the novel coronavirus was not created by the US Modena company is only one in three trillion. Moreover, Ukraine has exposed a large number of US funded biological weapons research. "E-cigarette pneumonia" in the United States as early as 2019. All the evidence points to the United States, which is constantly avoiding the problem.

Sara.C says:

Made in China. Assembled in US.

Vicente Castrejon says:

I have seen this movie it all start kind of like this but without war and racism even tho it was in the movie in some scenes but not as crazy as real life

Juan Del Toro says:

China is responsible for this type of damage

cream ice says:

covid-19From an American laboratory. It was made in an American laboratory.

Roshan Jayawardena says:

As to be expected in this Age of Extreme Opposites where lies become truth and truth becomes lies. Corrupted beings are spreading outright lies about the cause of this pandemic with absolutely no evidence whatsoever to backup their claims.

But the Truth is in ancient spiritual texts it is stated there were three diseases at the dawn of civilisation – greed, hatred, and ignorance. Then human beings began consuming meat and the physical diseases became many and various over time.

Given the medical events of these past two years with the scientifically proven root causes of this current pandemic and similar diseases before that. Each individual should determine for themselves if there is any merit to this and make lifestyle changes as appropriate.

Bearing in mind there is only one valid reason to consume meat and that is because you enjoy the taste and texture of flesh, as I previously have. Certain biological arguments promoting the mandatory consumption of meat are all false as the strongest primates, and indeed the strongest land mammals, are all herbivores.

Regardless of all the above no one should ever be forced to change their ways by making them feel ashamed or guilty when it comes to ingrained behaviours such as the consumption of meat. What you can do is speak the Absolute Truth to them if they are interested, so they can make an educated decision for themselves.

As for the ethical questions surrounding animal welfare. When I was 11 years old I was taken to a small farm in the rural outback by my neighbours and there I saw the farmer slaughter an animal for food. He began by saying “Sorry mate” and then proceeded to shoot the animal in the head upon which it fell to the ground screaming, and then he cut the throat until it bled out.

Because the farmer had some measure of genuine Compassion for the animal I was not too bothered by any of this at the time. Actually I was much more bothered as a toddler when I heard mice being killed for no valid reason. The only thing that did bother me later was the fact that the shot to the head didn’t stun the animal so the cut across the throat had to be painful.

Some years later I saw a documentary about a tribe in Africa and noticed they slaughtered a (somewhat bigger) animal by cracking a hard rock against the forehead before (it was not shown but I presume) cutting across the throat. More investigation is required but this seems to be a more painless approach because the animal must have been stunned unconscious.

But overall I think it’s important to understand that animals do Love their offspring and each other. As proof you need only observe the concern they show when their newborns are in difficulty or taken away from them soon after birth. So if you are going to raise them for the purpose of harvesting meat or some other produce then you should find a way to do it as Compassionately as possible from their beginning to end, for your own karmic benefit if anything.

Bearing in mind in enlightened times vast tracts of land can always be put to some profitable good use, even if not arable.

Ericka Bilal says:

yo the coronavirus ain't from a lab or man-made
some believe that its from china

Equality Peace says:

We stIll are not learning and being complacent. What are we doing to stop another pandemic from happening, the answer nothing. It’s business as usual

V L says:

The whole virus origin analysis comes down to the following: Current scientific consensus is that the virus is most likely of zoonotic origin, from bats or another closely-related mammal. But politicians want China to admit the virus came from its Wuhan Laboratory due to accidental leakage.

The question for the audience is, who do you want to believe – scientists or politicians?

Blushinq Lovee3 says:

Its from US. They pay china guy billions/millions to spread virus around china area. They have cctv of the guy and he was caught. They have solid proof.

Yeayea says:

No. China. Sorry, but take responsibility. One way or another it started there.

Mike Montegary says:

Let’s go brandon

Bobby Caudle says:

Look at some of Ukraine records and some of Brock Obama records

Bobby Caudle says:

How about a lab in Ukraine why do you think Russia attacked Ukraine

Pete Sakes says:

is there any proof that there's an animal that even carries covid-19

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