Ukrainian Troops Ordered To Retreat As Russia Closes In On Donbas

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Ukrainian forces have been ordered to withdraw from Sievierodonestsk amid heavy fighting in recent weeks, indicating that Russia could be on the verge of a major battleground victory in the Luhansk region. Senior Advisor to the Center for Eurasian, Russian and Eastern European Studies at Georgetown University, Angela Stent, joins News NOW to explain what the loss could mean Ukraine and whether a diplomatic end to the conflict is possible. 

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incognito says:

Wait….I thought Ukraine was winning ! Does this mean fake news has been lying all along ?

Stale Poutine says:

Russians laugh when Ukraine makes a tactical retreat. I laugh when russian planes fall from the sky.

Pat says:

This reporter doesn't know what he's talking about, the US just sent $40 billion to the Ukraine and now they are sending $450 million a few weeks later. Not the total $6 billion this guy said.
You have to wonder who's bank accounts all this money is going into.

Shan S says:

Lol the EU is a club that will take decades to ascend. Just look at Turkey. Ukraine was one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Good luck with that celebration. Three generations from now will be benefit from it. Maybe…

ooievaar 67 says:

1:45 a dachshund ! A secret weapon !

Abu Hurairah says:

Can anyone tell me why Ukrainian president Zelensky tweet-supported the killing of an 11 old by ISrahelli terrorists saying israhell has the right to protect itself?

Can anyone tell me why Ukraine loved killing Afghan people yet they were not part of NATO?
Russia is adjacent to Ukraine. They at least say they have security reasons.
What threat did Ukraine had from Afghanistan though it is far far away?

There are fire balls everyday in Palestine when illegal ISrahell bombs, kills and commit genocide. About 1,000,000 people killed by NATO&friends in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen. Yet No ban of, ISrahell, EU and US from FIFA. Yet cute EU and US never talk about humanity, sanctions, invasion.

Invasion, killing thousand Ukrainian is bad. Invasion killing million Muslim is Cute!

How hypocrite west is!!!

If Russian occupation is bad then ISrahell illegal occupation is nasty.
If Russian recent bombings is bad then ISrahell' 365 days bombings for 70 years is ugly.
If russian border crossing is bad then ISrahell's existence is the worst.
If russian operation is invasion then ISrahell is doing genocide.
If russia deserve severe sanctions then ISrahell at least deserve to get kicked out of Palestine.

Abu Hurairah says:

If ukrainians take off their t-shirt, you might see one or two na&zi tattoos.

Lisandro Steel says:

The murderous dictators of Russia and China live to demonize the West. They are incapable of copying the West, so they live hating it. What makes the world go round is money. And to make money you need freedom. Even the ignorant Taliban know this. The Soviet Union disappeared because of money. Russia and China cannot live without the world. But the world can live without Russia and China. Dictators continue to deceive their people, condemning them to misery and ignorance. But don't talk about the West.

yagle hoole says:

Withdraw but how? All bridges were blown.

Elon Musky says:

This scam needs to be dealt with from the EU. NOT ANOTHER DIME FROM THE USA!

olllloollllo says:

EU membership for Ukraine is just another spectacle for the West and Zelensky to show the world a false image of progress while Russia continues to win more Ukrainian cities. They are truly becoming desperate to distract from the reality of the situation.

Jimmy Kartounii says:

Don't talk about end,putin is an isolated man and country,he's a kidnapper,he comit genocide,he's a kidnapper and more,by you all.

Jimmy Kartounii says:

Why are you retreating,you need to defend our land

Azhan Ali says:

There's no point for Ukraine to join EU if the country will cease to exist.

Azhan Ali says:

Will Ukraine be the next Afghanistan?

MCF says:

Propaganda and lies finally catching up to fake news channel NBC

VERDUN says:

So the U.S already spent 60 billion dollars in aid for Ukraine? That's the same amount of budget Russia spends on their entire armed forces… With that amout of money Ukraine should have enough guns to even the playing field! What a waste of tax money, i feel sorry for the American people…

Jeidy Francisco says:

20 years from now….. hopefully Ukraine does not regreat joining the Nato Alliance and EU union. If you actually have followed what's going on with the EU monetary / Economical system since the early 2000's it has been a total disaster.

omid pourhossein says:

I can't believe people are still failing to realize this is not your average War the casualties are unbelievable and it is being downplayed at a tremendous level

Doctor Strange Love says:

Very confused we have been told by talking heads that Ukraine is winning. We had four star generals saying that as well so what happened?

scott morgan says:

Screw Ukraine….

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