Taking the World Stage (Full Episode) | North Korea: Inside the Mind of a Dictator

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This episode sees Kim make the unprecedented step of trying his hand at diplomacy as he attempts to relieve his country from crippling sanctions. Through interviews with people who were in the room at the summits, we examine Kim’s “bromance” with Trump; but with a breakdown in talks and the world in chaos, Kim returns to his old ways, unveiling a terrifying new weapon.

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Taking the World Stage (Full Episode) | North Korea: Inside the Mind of a Dictator

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Beefcurtanz says:

John Bolton is a douche, he loves trying to find ways to send American service members overseas to die in wars we have no business being involved in.

Joseph Robinson says:

It's funny how the USA don't want nobody with weapons except themselves and that's why the UK is defenseless right now because they let the USA talk them away from weapons that they could really use now in this war with Russia.

Joseph Robinson says:

Just so that people know, that is what wearing a wire is these days. It can be a wrist watch, necklace or even a ink pen. A lot of mob guys don't know this but they should. No need to pat someone down to see if they wearing a wire these days. Check their watch or ink pen and there are others as well.

Nurdin Bare says:

American leaders are far more worse than Kim of North Korea in the last 300 years of distraction of the world including their own coloured citizens

Beau Burchel says:

You're going to do an episode on Joe Biden's doing showers with Ashley biden and Venezuela or giving billions of dollars to Iran let's hear about that groomers

Vector Magnitude says:

This journalist ladies are full of hatred

Dante Alighieri says:

These kind of "people" like kim, putin ,ping etc they are not humans,they are monsters,they are interested only in power,money and coruption,and they do everything to keep it by eliminate everybody and everything.

joseph Smith says:


Beth M says:

Kim Jong doesn’t take Biden seriously at all. He knew Trump was crazy enough to do something. That’s what they aren’t saying. First US President actually taken seriously by a psycho. I’ll say what no one else will.

COVET Price says:

He's a punk

caprio says:

This documentary is about Democratic party and their voters.

caprio says:

Most dangerous dictator is putin, not this korean clown.

David de Ridder says:

It is bizarre to see North-Korean propoganda and US propoganda being mixed by NatGeo. But is is entertaining and it also does give some insight into the human dimensions of matters. What a filthy world we live in, thankfully there are other dimensions in life that are less filthy.

Moses Odhis says:

Who knows the Christmas gift of 2020?

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