Dictator's Dilemma (Full Episode) | North Korea: Inside the Mind of a Dictator

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Examining the mind of Kim Jong Un, we explore the unpredictable leader as he forges a future for his country while maintaining control of its people. An intimate archive takes us inside the Kim family including his ascendant sister, and with an exclusive interview with a duped assassin we learn how Kim arranged the assassination of his half-brother in an audacious airport attack.

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Dictator’s Dilemma (Full Episode) | North Korea: Inside the Mind of a Dictator

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Dominic Cobb says:

You should have interviewed Yeonmi Park.

Dominic Cobb says:

Dont forget he is a dictator. he has concentration camps, he has 25 million slaves! listen so Yeonmi Park

Joe M says:

Why is he so so so overweight as his people die of starvation

B says:

You can visit holland and film willem. He is the same cult fraud. At least this guy tells what he stands for and does. To be clear: i do not approve this sick mindsetting. We are all people. Equal!!

Sidi Mohamed Dinary says:

An intelligent dictature is best than a stupide puppet.

Todd Frost says:

This guy is a joke

Clair Rivera Martinez says:

I no choice to bring my brother Manuel Andrade Rodriguez Rivera Martinez Johnson Espinoza Rivera vs the United States Trump Obama kamala Biden Jill Biden

star 1 6969 says:

The same thing is happening in space. Time portals and tunnels. Star jumping, invisible force fields and advanced propulsion crafts. Space wars.

Andreas Klauss says:

kim jong un is a maniac if u ask me…

TKXboxer says:

Could you imagine a Netflix or Amazon series called “Regime” about kim Jung Un and his sister running North Korea? She is such movie villain material

Bill says:

Mr Kim
If you wind up backing the Americans during the Conflict/War with China. You may be the salvation for your people and become the TRUE HERO OF KOREA turning your country into a paradise for all of Korea and you.
And why not?

Celestial Lord says:

kim sister is creepy the way she solves her problems. the problem they have is insane and the pressure. i wouldn't be surprised if she was actually a psycho. north korea should solve their food problems and build dome farms and let their people run them and create a circle of of trade.

Tyler Vido says:

All I want is some jeem dalk and a bottle of dae jong bu

Lucky Tiger5 says:

8:47 Interestingly the airport has a camera pointing downward at 90 degree perpendicular to the table the assassin and her handler communicate about the details of the target. That's impressive:)

Brian Tseng says:

The mellow bubble roughly jump because transaction bioinformatically annoy pace a holistic cougar. resolute, precious system

Kevin Daniel says:

That YouTube/Google promotes this Communist midget and censors Conservatives is a problem.

jr Lopez says:


jr Lopez says:

You ain't lying when they say God bless America

Anubhav Shah says:

maybe kim jong un is just a decoy. its his sister who is the supreme leader?

Tigist Sorsu says:

4th 039191 5

Ricardo Pesenti says:

Kim jong un in Switzerland: A normal-weight kid
As soon as he got back to north korea: Fattens instantly!
In a rich western country he had a normal weight, but in one of the poorest nations on earth, where most people suffer or even die from hunger, he got fat.
Just another proof of communism being purely evil…

kyue says:

He looks kinder than u westerners

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