Coronavirus infections rise by nearly half a million in a week

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COVID-19 cases have risen by 43% since last week to over 1.4m. Sky News’ Thomas Moore takes a closer look at the numbers.

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Liz Gandy says:

Can someone give me a statistics about how much porcentaje of infect people are vaccinated in UK, please?

Jason Torres says:

That's wrong the cases have been actually dropping lately.

Anthony Stafford says:

Please piss off out of our life…
Dr shillary on gmb get your vaccine…
They wont go away …how do they know???
Covid the all encompassing flu or cold anymore..

Bob Bobby says:

Non diagnostic PCR testing

Chumbersdee says:

2 years of excessive sanitizing and masking has lowered our immune systems…so this was no surprise. People NEED to get back to life the way it was

Graham Joseph says:

they trained them like dogs to take boosters every 4 months, very sad
when they take another booster they give them a pat on the head and a lollipop

Andrea Blancarte says:

Don’t worry about this, the only reason was to do use remedy it’s called Recovery Diet.

Dave Corbey says:

Sky news trying to create panic, would they like another lockdown. Stop it, stop scaring people not interested, take all your Covid code numbers and place them where the sun don't shine.

Corona killer says:

No they didn't because germ theory is a complete fraud.

lane mallette says:

I got it. Got really short of breath.

Metal Hamster says:

get ur booster and hide under ur bed until winter when govt imposes new social distancing

David Getling says:

Who gives a toss? This virus is harmless to over 99% of the population! It's way passed time for the bed-wetters to suck it up.

Gary poulton says:

what a load of bollocks

Vexx says:

Idiotic sheeps omg

serious says:

what is going on ? just read real scientist vandenbossche geert who predicted this it is all because of the vaccines stop with making people sick to earn money pfizer criminals

Joseph Smith says:

Ukraine continues to suffer in public. Women in their underwear, covered in artificial blood, are running around our streets. They hint that tomorrow the same will happen to the women of our country. When intimidation did not have a significant effect, Ukraine began to offer its grain stocks to everyone, assuring them that otherwise the world would go hungry (Russia will not sell grain in response to sanctions). Then why did the Ukrainian soldiers set fire to the grain and corn? It happened when the Ukrainian military was fleeing from Mariupol! They burned the grain themselves, which was supposed to go to starving countries!

J Adler says:

Really? On the same day that the FDA in the US approved the clotshot for babies? How convenient…

Diego Silan says:

If this pandemic shows us family is
important, why are we losing them
and why is it harder to visit them
from these restrictions

Dominic Hill says:

Hahaha. People still believe this horse waste?

MR RIGHT. says:

Journalists need taken out with their false news.

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