The BEST Forex Broker For SMALL Accounts! (Best Leverage and spreads)

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matt smith says:

What's the best leverage 1.50 or 1.100 or 1.500

Lil thirteen says:

Im new here asw a trader I just sow u content and I love it you’re vibes bro god bless you and I also got the free chat also learn how you trade too so Amma put it on practice and just love ❤️

Foods tutorial in the philippines says:

you look so hansam

Gebrina Coutee says:

Are the fee’s comparison to the others

Sally Walton says:

Is the group still open? I get an error when I click the link.

slxughtexr says:

whats the app called ?

O O says:

Beginner here – So on Tradeview what broker do you recommend that would allow me to Day Trade Stocks, Bitcoin maybe possibly Forex. Starting with a small account maybe $200-500. Is there even a broker that'll work with my budget without getting "murdered" with w.e types of fees they have for my style of trading?

I saw TradeStation… $0 min deposit GREAT and then I got lost from here lol
Stocks: $0
Options: $0.50 per contract
Micro Futures: $0.50 per contract
Futures: $0.85 per contract

Micaela Schaefer says:

Thanks to mining/paying platform I invested 1000usd and got my profit over 10k today

ESS 20 says:

Has anyone used osprey fx? The broker this man is talking about. I would like to get some personal opinions from someone who has used it in the past or currently

first day says:

where is this broker registered in ?

Lagz says:

Hey, so I’m trynna trade with MetaTrader 5 with osprey and I can’t figure out what to do. Can somebody help me out?

hunting Jaguar says:

Hi mamba what leverage did you use in the trade you just made?

SuperGoldHD says:

Which trading platform are you using??

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