COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations break records in U.S.

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The U.S. is setting new records of daily coronavirus infections with nearly 3.9 million confirmed cases in the past seven days. CBS News correspondent Manuel Bojorquez reports on the recent COVID-19 surge nationwide and CBS Chicago’s Charlie De Mar has the latest on classes being canceled at Chicago Public Schools on Wednesday. Then, Dr. Sujan Gogu, a family medicine, sports and pain medicine physician, joins CBSN’s Lana Zak with analysis.

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CBS News says:

For more COVID-19 news:

Ohiokha Jennifer says:

Special appreciation to Dr ALUDA on YouTube for curing my Hepatitis B with his herbal medication..

Smedley Butler says:

Covid-19 is sweeping the nation. Just not the part of the nation that you live in.

Dash Man says:

Daily cases are starting to drop Omicron is burning through the population fast. By summer we should see an end to the pandemic. Let's hope we do!

Rifle Depot says:

Lies……Joe Biden was suppose to fix the pandemic and the Covid outbreak, there’s no way this can be true!

Dull ahan says:

So I have two friends that are in the hospital that went in for two separate surgeries. Both had negative covid results from test they took the day they went in. Now both are listed as covid patients even though they have no symptoms.

Dall Shaw says:

This is all the news there is and this is not even news

Storm Ryder says:

It’s funny for as long as I can remember flu shots were available every year but not mandatory until the Democrats started losing to trump now everything seems to be mandatory

NORTHBROOK1978 says:

What's funny is..a few people I know went to the hospital for COVID..and then basically ran off. They only had COVID.

oroincorporated says:


Robert Sorenson says:

Someone is going to be held accountable when this is all over. Now that we now the vaccine doesn’t work , people better wake up.

Roy Hemion says:

God is shaking the heavens.

kapil p says:

thank joe rogen and tucker and his cronies at fox news for this

Saitama says:

look at all the people in the comment section who were busy snorting cocaine in high school during science classes, not one of these nincompoops realized that vaccine reduces the chances of dying from covid, it doesnt prevent you from catching it

John Benelli says:

All caused by the vaccines.

Russel Woods says:

India has rejected the Vaccine pill, as well as France. American Gov. put in an order for over 2 billion dollars worth of vaccine pills before they were approved by the FDA. Being a Gov. Agency, the FDA approved the pill tow weeks later. The adverse reaction to this pill is extreme at best. Now, if the pill is a different form of vaccine, then shouldn't we question the vaccine in any format ? Why did the FDA request 75 years to release the paper they used to approve the vaccine ? We The People need to start doing more the just disapproving of the direction this Country is going by coming up with little phrases like Let's Go Brandon. Gov. is suppose to be by the people and for the people. Gov. is there to advance Our will. Time to Stand up America.

Alfred E says:

You are not trying hard enough to get it, everyone must get it, get over in, and get on with your lives, no more government control.

Christian Bell says:

LET'S GO BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dash Man says:

We're on the way to ending this pandemic herd immunity will be achieved by summer!

John Joseph Pietrangelo III says:

propaganda, dissemination of information—facts, arguments, rumours, half-truths, or lies—to influence public opinion.

trey says:

More lies and bullshi*

Aria Vasilakis says:

Although,i was abit skeptical at first,when I came across a comment, Regarding the IMF Loan/Grant initiative.but after i submit my application,to my greatest surprise,I got a loan of $250,000..May God Continue to bless the IMF and World Bank,for empowering citizens of countries, affected by the covid 19 pandemic

Scott says:

Anecdotal story: my wife and have done missions work, so we're in contact with a bunch of people from handfuls of churches across the country. We probably hear more Covid stories than most folk.
In Wisconsin today: someone presented at a hospital and was diagnosed with both Covid and pneumonia – not that uncommon a combination, and often a dangerous one.
The hospital gave him an inhaler and a steroid and sent him home.
His family is requesting prayer.
This wouldn't have happened a few years ago. If someone showed up with flu and pneumonia serious that they administered steroids, they'd have qualified for an overnight.
When people tell you the omicron surge isn't affecting hospitals, shake your head and walk away. Rationing has already started in some places. This will get worse before it gets better.

Ruslostore_com says:

Who wants lung protection from viruses?- Ruslostore!

Lion Heart says:

Your not gonna get covid if you have these vaccinations – The most unpopular POTUS

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