Scarpet – Minecraft Programming Language

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Proud to announce scarpet – a new programming language that you can use with Minecraft and program your game the way you like.

For the full documentation on the language check scarpet github pages:

Scarpet has public domain repository of sample programs, with editors syntax support, availble at:

Editors support for Scarpet (Syntax highlighting for Notepad++, IDEA):

Obtain recent carpetmod with scarpet support at:

Recorded with Minecraft 1.13.2

Check out my vision of the game at

Minecraft IGN: gnembon

Find me on Twitter:

Intros/Outros by Reye and TDL

Resource Pack: Minecraft HD 64 with a few modified textures
modified textures:
– bedrock
– hoppers and pistons
– bright nether
– bushy leaves

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Clarinet Quintet in A, K. 581. By William McColl:

C Saint-Saens, Le Carnaval des Animaux, by Seattle Youth Symphony / Vilem Sokol:
– Cockoo in the Deep Woods

Isaac Wilkins. Gliding.


chaozbtw says:

is it serverside?

Cfer98 says:

/script run (1+10^(-15)-1)/10^(-15) doesn't reult equal to 1 as it should be (I know why hehe)

Yak says:

"oh and if your a mojang employee feel free to steel anythink you might see here"
2022 gnembon: so i moved to sweeden and got a job at mojang

J says:

How seriously did you think 2:30 was gonna change your life?

YummyPizzaGuy says:

Hey gnembon! Will this come to minecraft now that you work for mojang?

5uperM says:

pretty intresting. Too bad I'll probably never use it.

lexikiq says:

2:18 it's a shame you aren't a mojang employee so you can't add all this functionality yourself…….. 😉
jokes aside, grats dude.


How can I put into my minecraft world a scarpet script that I found?

Michael Lao says:

I all ready watch this video for 4 times and i still confused

PequlaTV says:

Or you can just learn Java and use one of the existing modding APIs. After you learned Java you can do other things then minecraft, but with this you can only do minecraft

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