Parents debate whether to give young children COVID vaccine

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The CDC has approved two COVID vaccines for children under 5. But some parents remain hesitant. Elise Preston reports.

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God’s Love ♥️ says:

No need to debate just don’t give it to them

fabeloco acosta says:

Giving this to kids 6 months and older makes no sense. At this point, it's all about money.

Ma Ma says:

No! No! No! & No!

Bite Me says:

Our health care community lost all credibility when they said it was okay to riot with BLM, but protesting the lockdowns was killing grandma. No one should listen to ANY health care expert like the CDC, WHO or any other government agency.

erik johnsen says:

Youtube is removing comments here.

Billy says:

Disgusting, this is a genocide of the gullible.

vambo13257 says:

They interviewed 100 sets of parents to be able to find 3 that are "super excited" that they can subject their kids to the poison

Bottlethrower says:

Why did the FDA/CDC rush this through?
National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act 1986, once a vaccine is approved for children under 5, the drug company cannot be sued

Bottlethrower says:

No mention on how this approval indemnifies Pharma? People dont realize that their legal liabilities disappear when approved for children 5 and younger
They are golden now

Johnny Blaze says:

Show me the money!!!! Says the FDA and CDC.

Deathtoindia says:

If you give this to your children you’re not a parent you’re a monster

Leif Rose says:

99.9% of kids survive – this is SICK!!!!

Leif Rose says:

Not taking that crap!!!

CoastlineKid says:


safffff1000 says:

Unfortunately liberals are poisoning themselves and children out of existence.

Ahmed Anassofu says:

Approvers at the CDC likely getting bonuses from this

YoungerOlderOne says:

It's simple. Educate, always be open for debate. Make it available and DO NOT FORCE ANYONE. It's simple

Jim Gilman says:

Let kids decide, if they can pick a gender, this should be a cakewalk.

Jim Gilman says:

Let’s go out and interview bad parents.
Anybody who has not caught up on the truth about these vaccines deserves every second of pain.

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