How To RECEIVE FREE YouTube Gift Membership

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This video shows what you need to receive a free gift membership on YouTube
For the requirements to have channel membership Gifting enabled on your channel

All you need to know about gifted membership

Gifting membership request form

Information YouTubers Should know

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CubsDen says:

Thanks for watching. If you do not see the ALLOW GIFT option, these are 2 reasons why

POZOk Mc says:

How to send

Gamer1435 says:

Oh so that’s why I have it for free

VilifyExile says:

The allow gift option never shows up though. Does that mean I'm already opted in?

miranda panda says:

This seems to only work on desktop.. not mobile. Becuase I don't get the option to accept the gifts.

Conscious Business Services & Opportunities says:

Aww that's so cool

Time with Tiffi says:

Yay to 0 cost!

Rate my nature quest says:

Awesome such great

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