Top 20 Biggest Celebrity Scandals of the Century (So Far)

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These are the celeb scandals that’ve defined the century…so far. For this list, we’ll be looking at the biggest controversies over the last two decades involving public figures. Our countdown includes Ellen Degeneres’ Treatment of Employees, Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe Malfunction, Jussie Smollett’s Fake Hate Crime, Lance Armstrong’s Doping Scandal, and more! Which of these looms largest in your memory? Have you changed your mind about any of them over time? Let us know in the comments.

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Comments says:

Have you changed your mind about any of them over time? Let us know in the comments.
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Graham Brodie says:

Surely the Jimmy Saville scandal in top 5

jennifer cole says:

Re: #9) No, Tom, being a Scientologist is not something you EARN, it's something you BUY.

caroline byrne says:


nightowl617 says:

Anyone else realize they showed prince Jackson I when talking about prince Jackson II?

Blanket goes by biji now… prince the 1st goes by prince still lol

AndyAndy says:

The latest JD and AH trial is one.

Hannah Lowe says:

You said her last name wrong.

westie420uk says:

How does Epstein and his peodophile island come 2nd behind Wienstein and his casting couch? And R Kelly isn’t seen as bad as a few naughty photos that were leaked of celebrities.

Mel Gibson says:

8:20 these liberals will do anything to make trumpies look bad and it’s embarrassingly funny

Mathius Smith says:

Why was mike Jackson not on there

Milly Figueroa says:

I still do not get why Janet Jackson got so much hate for the wardrobe malfunction that wasn’t even her fault

Drago1995 says:

wow people like Jussie are making the race issues even worst, is it for attention do they want chaos ? just fucking why ??

John Xavier says:

Oh GREAT people not treating employees respectfully because apparently she’s just rude, Wait is Ellen racist!?

Rolltide2006 says:

You have to have convictions imo to be on this list. Mere accusations don’t suffice

Ihulk 94 says:

Amber amber

PABLO says:

famous goes hard

Witchy1423 says:

Is it just me or is Meghan marcel not even black

Telma G.O. says:

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David Betts says:

Let's be real Kanye is a talented artist – but outside of that he's a fucked up dude

Batboy LIVES says:

USA, CHINA, RUSSIA, 3 super powers today, EU dont count.

Batboy LIVES says:

One day all this will eventually end, when Christ starts his reign and rids the world of sin. The next super power (singular), last one was the Roman Empire. There is no one super power today, USA claims it but if it were so, why arent they controlling the world. Because since the Roman Empire, there has always been two, three super powers. (plural)

Batboy LIVES says:

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Batboy LIVES says:

Glad I get my news from all over via Nord VPN, and not the biased news they want us to see.

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